Poem: Can You Imagine?


Can you imagine having a peaceful life?
Can you imagine being a cherished wife?
Can you imagine being treated like a queen?
Can you imagine never being treated mean?
Can you imagine feeling safe and secure?
Can you imagine never feeling hurt before?
Can you imagine a love so grand?
Can you imagine God’s loving hand?
Can you imagine a life so blessed?
Can you imagine? Just pass the test!
Hold onto God with all your might.
Turn to Him for He is the Light.
Let Him guide you through all your pain.
Let Him heal you of guilt and shame.
Let Him wipe out all your past,
and propel you like a rocket blast.
He’s wanting us to believe…
and hold onto Him to receive.
Yes, I can imagine a life so grand,
for I walk with Him hand in hand.
In Him, my new life began…
So, yes, I can really imagine!

Prayer: Lord, I pray that you will touch hearts all over this world, drawing them near to You so that they will not only have to imagine but they will have an intimate relationship with You, knowing your voice, your touch, your heartbeat… in Jesus Name. Amen.

5 thoughts on “Poem: Can You Imagine?

  1. Inspiring poem that is life-giving. It is true that every good and perfect gift (full, complete) comes from Father of light up above.

    James 1:17 (paraphrased)
    God gives the most perfect gifts that cause us to lack nothing.

    TRUST Him for your gift; then, receive it!!!!!!!

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