Poem: Opening doors of things in my past…

Opening doors of things in my past…
Like pulling scabs off wounds that still last.
Dealing with feelings long tucked away,
and questioning how to handle these feelings today.

Lies…those lies confronted me at the door…
Close it…close it, and open it no more!!!
For the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy,
but no longer can he play me like a used up toy.

For my past was filled with lies and deceit.
But my future with God will not be a defeat.
For these are the words that I declare today!!
Get back Satan and get out of my way!

Fear and hurt these memories bring.
but God heals and a new song I sing.
For healing comes when we release all the pain,
and let go of all the hidden quilt and shame.

My past has no bearing with what lies ahead.
I hold onto God with a new life instead.
For all things in Christ have become new.
There’s joy in my future with many blessings too.

36 thoughts on “Poem: Opening doors of things in my past…

  1. This poem remarkably goes really well with my post that is scheduled for later this morning, titled ‘Has Life Left You Hardened Or Tempered’ … thank you for sharing, it’s a beautiful poem!

  2. Thank you for this poem. I am struggling with my feelings toward my ex-husband tonight. It seems like I should just let it go, but the feelings get triggered then I have to deal with them again. I am praying for healing again.

    • Thank you for the openness and honesty Sparrow. God is with you, hears your heart cries and I am praying for you as this touched my heart. I understand this struggle well although it’s been 30 years since encountering this one. That’s why I know you’ll overcome this too.

    • Yes, I totally understand what you are saying and I had to hang onto God for strength today as these triggers are a ploy of the enemy to steal our joy. Always remember that nothing that happens is a surprise to God. He knows every lie, every deceit of the enemy. We all have to learn to just hold onto Him through every attack and remind Satan that he has already loss the battle for “He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world”…1 John 4:4

  3. Jeremiah 29:11(paraphrased)
    The future is bright and filled with hope because God’s plans for you are to prosper and succeed…says The Lord.

    Anything in life that is stealing, killing or destroying your peace, joy and righteousness are either directly or indirectly the enemy. This is my litmus test in life. And, I seek to pursue and maintain my peace, joy and righteousness. This is one battle we encounter in life. And, God has given us everything we need to overcome in this world. Most, importantly, God sent His son Jesus who defeated the enemy so we could take this precious gift of life and this tool box of strategies against the enemy and apply it to our daily lives to win.

    • Thanks my friend for your continued support. Yes, we have all that we need to overcome with our Precious Gift of Life and His Word, our tool box of strategies. Thanks for the reminder and the support as Aaron’s Rod continues to provide support, holding me up, as this battle rages on… Many blessings to you, my friend…

  4. How beautiful!

    I’ll be praying for you to have all the strength you need to keep praising God! May many many people see Christ in you and follow Him through your work.

    Good luck to you with your book 🙂


    • Thank you so very much Olga. I appreciate the prayers for it was the prayers of the many prayer warriors that got me where I am today when I was so broken that I could not see the Truth!! Thanks for your continued support and encouragement as I keep walking this path, proclaiming what God can do for all of us! God bless you, my friend…

    • Amen!! Thank you Lord for revelation!

      The enemy will continue to place things into our heads to tear us down as long as well allow him to. Take a stand, bind Him in Jesus’ name and proclaim your destiny in Christ for He has already won the battle for us. We just need to walk in the victory that has already been paved for us as believers… May God bless you exceedingly and abundantly as you walk as an over-comer of this world for all things are possible through Christ when we learn the Power of His Word and what He has done for us…

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