A partial pictorial journey through my life– from brokenness to wholeness….

A partial pictorial journey through my life from brokenness to wholeness….

I guess it could be called a “Hop-Skip-and Jump” through my life.


Feeling unloved.


Lonely and bullied.




First boyfriend/ First Love ….


Marriage with problems from the beginning after ignoring warning signs.


Abuses increase…


Drunkenness increases…


Family grows




Marital breakup….

  broken marriage

Abuse escalates after break up…

I had turned to God in my brokenness…

emotional wounds

He then orchestrated my life and protected me from abusers…

and helped me to overcome ……

Secret Angel

and now leading me to help other victims through books and songs…..

(The majority of proceeds to benefit victims of abuse)

Diana Rasmussen: Walking Wounded

and starting a ministry with a vision to build safe houses around the world …  image(1)

God has rescued me from abusers and put a God-sized dream in my heart…. and nothing is impossible with God!

light of world

12 thoughts on “A partial pictorial journey through my life– from brokenness to wholeness….

  1. I am so moved read this and also truly impressed and touched with your journey. Once again God shows how deep is His love to your life. May God always guide your next journey and mission. Blessing!

    • Thanks sis… many more steps left out but felt need for a journey down memory lane last night… Needed to remember how far He has brought me and keep thanking Him… Love ya

  2. Isn’t God great?! He takes our broken lives and hearts and heals them. He is my hero, my knight in shining armor.

  3. I am glad you are free from abusers. It’s a hard cycle to break. Some people end up traumatized and self-harming, and they really need your strength and love. Warm hugs and kudos to you. Brenda

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