DP Poem: “Pledge Allegiance”… One Nation Under God!!!



This was our original but it is now being changed by many to this….

How can our original documents from our founding fathers be altered???

pledge_of_allegiance no no no


One Nation UNDER GOD….

These words have been the KEY!!

The Key to our LIBERTY!

The Key to our prosperity!

But now many problems plague this country!

Problems increase as hearts turn from THEE!

Our allegiance needs to be to HE!

This country is suffering mounting poverty…

Sexual immorality…


Child pornography…

Sex trade industry…

Modern-day slavery…


In a “deceptive verse” to be free,

and walk in total liberty,

we are neglecting God who made us free.

Many are destroying our  family!

Many are endangering this entire country!

A deceptive ploy by God’s enemy!

Like a slithering snake, yelling “Be Free!”

Satan is choking the life out of this country.

“One nation under God” was the declaration of this country…

For it is only by following God that we can truly be FREE!

Beware, DECEPTION is a trick of the enemy!

“Be not deceived” was the warning written  in 1 Corinthians 15:33!

Watch Jason Upton’s Powerful Testimony!!

15 thoughts on “DP Poem: “Pledge Allegiance”… One Nation Under God!!!

  1. I could not agree with you more – and I’m sure that it is God that our many many soldiers are praying to when they are far from home. I will always teach my children that!! Good job – I wrote something kinda along the same lines …

    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words… I have found through all of my struggles that God is the Key to everything…and that includes the downward spiral of many things in this world.. Blessings to you!!

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  10. I am so with you here. I love the poem, the imagery touches me. I feel the “slithering snake.” Sadly South Africa’s constitution is known as one of the best in the world but it is a piece of paper. It has no followers. Christians were saddened when God was taken out of our constitution and the government says “We are not a Christian country.” Like you we have serious evils – xenophobia, violence, rape, pornography, poverty. Only God can save this country.

    • Amen!! He can still save this country. He is waiting on His Body of Christ to rise up and be intercessors for this nation and entire world. We have to do our part. I really appreciate your comment and support. Many blessings to you, Ms. Fuzzy Panda!!

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