Poem: A Mother’s Heart

A Mother’s Heart

A special bond is formed,
as her child grows inside.
Nourishing her unborn…
a process only God could provide.

And her child grows,
tucked safely under her heart.
Till the day her baby’s born,
and given a fresh new start.

But that special bond was formed,
with each precious heartbeat…
A mother’s love lasts forever…
a bond never to be defeated.

The prayers of a mother,
through the stages of life,
providing covering over her child,
protecting them from strife.

But as her child grows,
to become a young adult.
Her prayers over her child,
will show the end result.

For each child’s life,
will go their own separate way.
As the mother watches,
and just continues to pray.

For the mother’s heart breaks,
as all her children leave.
An “empty nest syndrome”,
for she can no longer cleave.

A hollowness in her heart,
where many tears are shed,
when that day comes,
a day many mother’s dread.

She watches her child leave,
slowing driving away…
A new chapter in their lives,
beginning this very day.

And she cries out to God…
Lord, protect them each day.
For your Word says to train them,
and You will not let them stray.

So Lord, I give them to You…
with the deepest love in my heart…
and I trust You, Lord…
that you will not let them depart.

For I have done my best,
to raise them Your way…
Now, it’s only You and me Lord!
So continue to orchestrate each and every day!

123 thoughts on “Poem: A Mother’s Heart

  1. How conforting that God is both a Heavenly Father and is called the breasty one in His word as He is a NURTURER too.

    We can be safe and sound in God’s arms.

    Today, let us trust we will be ok in His arms and His words guiding us along life’s journey.

  2. This poem resonates with the hearts of many mothers. I learned early on, that children are a gift to us from God, and our job is to raise them up and prepare them to become all that God wants them to be. Bless!

  3. Wonderfully beautiful poem! Thank you for it and for all you do with your blog. Thanks also for visiting my blog Elaine’s Random Thoughts and liking some of the posts. It is very much appreciated. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you for following my blog as well. I am so glad that you liked it, I also like your blog as we both shine God’s LIght to our readers. It’s all about Him. May God bless you Elaine!!

  4. Your poem was beautiful Secret A, so full of Love, I created a Power point for Mothers Day, I will leave the Link below for you but please wait it takes awhile to Download.

    Mothers Love – http://freedomborn.wordpress.com/2012/05/12/a-mothers-love/

    Very True a Mother has a great influence on a Child and combined the Loving Authority and Leadership of her Husband, a child who is taught about God as a living reality, has a wonderful secure foundation.

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne

  5. Thank you my good friend for dropping by at my blog and for liking my post ”God’s Gift”. Is the book out now? Yes, it is very important to pray for our children because it is the prayer that will secure them anytime, any day and any where. It is our prayer that God will hold on to, to bring His plan for them to fulfillment. Keep up the good work because the Lord is your strength.

  6. this is my life at this very minute my youngest just turned 18, all four of them are great, but still a momma’s love goes with them..and God carries them for us…thanks i am sharing a lot about my abuse and i was getting flack but now i am not alone thanks

    • Hi Crystal, I totally understand how you feel. I wrote this with tears in my eyes after my youngest drove off to college. We all have to trust God to take care of our children because we can’t hold onto them. I am sorry that you are getting flack about speaking out. I keep praying as I speak out and especially as my book is about to be released. I pray for healing and restoration for all victims of abuse.

      • thanks, unfortunately for those who did it i refuse to fold and i think that scares them off lol it is 12:30 and Bree has not called in..she is moving on and i have to trust God to carry her

      • Yes, my children are moving on too and I just wait on my next assignment from the Lord and thank Him for helping me raise them and keeping them safe as they move forward with their lives. Blessings to you and your family Crystal!

  7. That same love is why my mother is one of my heros and why after having my son at 14 I knew she would love him so much and that is why I gave him up to my parents. A fathers love is also endless and different. But I cried with this post. I still love my son and I would give him the heart from my chest without hesitation. Thank you it is a touching reminder and so true.

    • Michelle, my heart goes out to you for all that you have gone through. At 14, you were a child yourself and I thank God that He gave you parents that have lovingly raised you and your child. The thought that comes to my mind is about a testimony of one of my favorite singers. Jason Upton is one of the most anointed singers and his testimony is totally amazing. It is a pure example of a mother’s love for her child… no matter where he is or who has to raise him. God answers our prayers, even when we don’t see what He is doing… I pray for God to move in your life in a mighty way!!! I hope you enjoy this…

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  9. Beautiful. But I let my youngest one go and she took her own life 5 years later 4-11-13. We never know what will happen to anyone at any time. We can only pray for their safety. Sometimes we are not answered in the way that we want.

    • Oh God… I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine how I would handle the loss of a child. I know that we will never know what will happen to our children… only God knows but it does not make it any easier. I will attach a song that God gave me as I cried out for the loss of a dear friend’s child that committed suicide… Though it is does not make it easier, His Grace and Mercy covers all… At that moment, I knew that God had her in His Hands because He knew how broken she was and He loves the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds… I pray that in your brokenness, you will feel His Love and Peace that surpasses all understanding. I will be praying for you… God bless you, my friend!

  10. I can attest to the power of prayers of a mother. I prayed daily that my children would grow up to be responsible and productive adults, that my son would be a wonderful husband to his wife and have a happy marriage, and that my daughter would be a wonderful wife to her husband and have a happy marriage and that they both would be wonderful parents to their children. My prayers were answered Tenfold!

  11. such a heart-felt poem . . . the words touched every inch of me.
    as a mom who prayed for 3 little miracles before they were even conceived, I KNOW God always answers the prayers of a fervent mom.
    if I had known the emotional and psychological abuse these little ones would face, along with me during their growing up years at the hands of their father . . .
    but my prayers continue for each of them each and every day because I know each has the seeds of Truth planted in them and each have seen how God has never left us – no matter how bad our circumstances may have seen through our eyes!
    each of my 3 are now grown and on their own . . .
    *the youngest [the daughter] has walked a path that has seen her go to the depths looking for that “father” approval – but His Grace has sustained her. She’s been blessed with a husband who loves her and we await the arrival of the little one she is “nourishing” inside her!
    *the oldest is seeking to renew his Walk – recently remarried, he and his new bride are walking together, as he strives to be the spiritual leader and the daddy his little girl needs.
    * and then there is the middle son . . . walked away from his Father and his faith 2 years ago – claiming homosexuality, saying he finally feels ‘accepted and loved’ after being rejected by his dad as a young teenager and several failed relationships.

    so this mom prays for her grown children, believing each of them have the Truth planted deeply in their hearts. this mom prays against the Enemy who desires to keep her children apart from their Abba Father. this mom prays for their eyes to see, their ears to hear, and for their hearts to kneel before their Creator. He loves them and pursues them!

    so sorry for this long post . . . as i said your words touched every inch of me and i needed to put these thoughts down! thank you also for the like on My Journey
    if it’s ok . . . i would love to use your poem on a post in the near future! thank you again for the hug through the tears!

    • Thank you so much Bev for your heart-felt comment. I totally understand what you are saying because my 3 children suffered the same with their earthly father. I praise God that each has turned to their Heavenly Father for guidance and seek Him daily. My heart goes out to you as I can totally understand your pain and I will be praying for you and your children. I stand with you in prayer believing His Word… teach your children the right path and when they are older, they will not depart. Lord, water that seed of righteousness that has been implanted in her children. Bring her children back to You!! We stand on Your Word! I pray for healing and restoration from the wounds of their past and for deliverance from all the enemy’s tricks. I pray for a hedge of protection around your children that the enemy can not cross. We ask You, Lord, to open their hearts to receive You. Give then visions and dreams of You and light a Fire in their hearts that will never be extinguished. We stand together as two mothers, two believers, who stand on Your Word and declare Thy Will Be Done on Earth as it is in Heaven… not their will but Thy Will be done… in Jesus Name. Amen.

      Bev, I will continue to pray for your children as I pray for abuse victims everyday. You and your children were wounded by abuse and God loves the broken-hearted. He is near to your children and loves them even more that you do so we will trust that He will draw them back to Him. You can use my poem. Just reblog or put a link to mine so I can find it. Many, many blessings to you, my sweet sister in Christ.

    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I wrote this the day that I watched my youngest drive off for college for the first time and just prayed for God to take care of my children. When they get older, we can just pray and ask God to watch over them. Thanks again and many blessings to you!

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  13. My heart is wonderfully moved by your captivating poem…my sister your poems this past few days are so very outstanding…they really filled my heart with certain gladness…thanks for sharing so selflessly the love that lives within your heart with us all! God bless!

    • Awe.. thank you so much Wendell. I just praise God for giving me the words and allowing my feelings to be expressed. We serve an awesome God. He is worthy to be praised!

  14. This poem moved me to tears just thinking of that feeling when I become a mother too and watch my children leave me (as surely they would) Don’t mothers experience the worst pains? They cry to God always even behind their smiles, there’s so much fear. God bless all mothers! Thanks for this amazing poem and for your comment on my post!

    • Thank you so much. As mothers, it is hard to watch as your children leave the nest to start their own lives. All we can do is pray for God to watch over them and lead them down the right path. Thanks for your support and many blessings to you!

  15. As usual, thanks for your post. They are always very good. Please remember that God is with you.

  16. Dear Secret Angel,

    I hope you arr doing well. If you are still interested in becoming a contributor to the christian magazine “My Spiritual Breakfast”, let me know. I would love for you to share your inspirations with
    many people. Let me know. God bless you for all you share.

    • Yes!! I am still very interested. Have just been very, very busy. I will try to email you! I had wanted to ask about using previous written postings versus only new messages. Please email me if you can also. God bless you, my sweet sister!

  17. Thank you for your like of my post on “The New Birth;” you are very kind.
    Pastor/Equipping The Saints

  18. Keep up great work on behalf of all the walking wounded healing and thriving because they know they are not alone. If you survived, as Oprah Winfry and Maya Angelou among others thrived so is there hope for all others that all is well in Jesus Name.

    • I did not know if you knew this but my book is entitled, “The Walking Wounded”. Thank you so much for your support as I walk this path that God has called me to. May He pour out His blessings upon you!!

  19. Dear Secret Angel, While I’m not a mother (never could be because of my gender) from conversation with close women friends, the start of an empty nest has been for them a new time of exploration if they are alive to the possibility. You addressed that in saying that they could be closer even to God but they can also be in closer touch with possibilities in their God-connected soul and all of God’s other creations. Noel

  20. Your poem brings back feelings of when our daughter and only child left home. However, she was raised in a household that believes in God and expects great results. I am terminally ill and not expected to live another year. My dream was to be a pastor, and a local church was even waiting for their pastor’s retirement so that I could move in. However, illness brought that dream to an end. Today, I use my blog for daily thoughts that inspire me to live. Our daughter graduated college with two degrees and wrote a book about a daughter’s experiences from the time she could remember through the current time. I am not a mother, but her mother I love deeply. I was there the day she was born. I took her downstairs in the house we were renting on her second day at home to let Mom rest. I showed her how to make coffee (must not have gotten through, though), which she starts the book with. There is a special connection between children and their parents, and a stronger connection when both parents have a strong relationship with each other and God.

    I look forward to other posts from your site so that I can learn from you and help take action against the injustices with children. Thanks for the poem.

    • I am so sorry to hear all that you are going through. I will be praying for you. We both know that God holds us all in the Palm of His Hand and healing is available. I truly appreciate your support for me and our ministry and offer you up in prayer to our Heavenly Father…

      Dear Lord, You know the circumstances surrounding my friend’s illness but You have the final say, not man. We claim total healing over his body. That every cell will return back to normal… that every portion of his body will function the way You originally intended. We as for healing and restoration in Jesus Name. Amen.

      God bless you, my friend.

  21. This is a good post, encouraging. I suffered from empty nest syndrome it was awful. I still get little pangs now yet is almost 16 years since my daughters went. We speak everyday but that empty nest still lingers. I’m getting better now, at least there is a title for my weak heart. I really liked this poem.

  22. I enjoyed reading your poem, but it especially touch my heart when you wrote about when your child grows up and leave home. We just recently dropped our youngest son to college, and we prayed and still pray for him. But it was so nice reading your prayer and as I read it I was simultaneously praying for my son. Thank you.

    • Thank you so much for your support and encouraging words. I am moving my youngest back to college this week so I totally understand. All we can do is pray for them. God bless you and your family.

  23. I really like this well thought out poem, but sadly for me, I never felt this as a child but I imagined what it would be like to have a mother like the one in your verse. Nevertheless, I have tried to be a good one with my children despite my past. I can only hope that I succeeded. For me my children leaving home still fill me with dread, I guess some part of me has tried to keep them as the sisters I never had, but I’m getting there. Great blog…

    • Wow… powerful. I felt that in my spirit as I read your comment. My dad also died 2 years ago. That was the most peaceful that I had ever seen him. I am so sorry for your loss, Carl. It is never easy to lose a parent. God bless you!!

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