This Song is a Message to all Victims of Abuse…

This song is a message for all victims of abuse…

We never understand at the time why we go through the trials in this life… but just know that nothing is wasted with God.

I could not listen to this song for many years without tears just flowing because of the pain that I was in. It was almost like this song was written for me. Now, tears come for I know the truths in this song.   I can look back and see that so many things were mercies in disguise…  for all that I have been through was the platform that God will now use to help others.

No matter what you are going through in this life, hold onto God for He is the Key to overcoming this world!

17 thoughts on “This Song is a Message to all Victims of Abuse…

  1. Thank Secret Angel the song touches a deep place and we know Heaven is our real home. We are just passing through this Earth in the body called our Earth suit. Let us live on Earth like Heaven is raining down upon us.

  2. This song hit me luke a ton of bricks after I left my ex. It really does make you think, and wonder. God is there, he’s protecting us, and he really does have our best interest in mind. Praying for each and every woman who needs to find the inner courage to say enough.

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