God- Sized Dreams…

God- Sized Dreams… This is a message to all of you who have dreams. God gave them to you for a reason. He wants you to hold onto Him and He will guide your path to their fulfillment. Don’t let Satan steal them from you again… I had to remind myself this week because Satan is very deceptive and tried to trick me… so beware!!

God puts these dreams in our hearts…

then Satan comes to tear them apart.

Using little bits of enticing bait…

Satan tries to steal our fate.

His goal is to kill, steal, and destroy…

so don’t fall victim to his ploy.

He’s torn us down with years of abuse…

but we’ve overcome for God to use.

So hold onto God and His Hand…

for these God-sized dreams are part of His plan.

He has placed these dreams in our hearts…

with plans to bless us from the start.

So no longer let the enemy come and steal,

for these God-sized dreams are for real.

13 thoughts on “God- Sized Dreams…

  1. What a wonderful message Secret A in the poem you shared and in the powerful song too, it reminded me of my Power points, especially one that I have now created two times, one for a Aussie blogging friend and the original called, Mountain Miracles, which I shared for Bob and Wendy who had just had a Miracle but I first created it for a friend who was walking a rocky road and was hurting in the Storm after her husband died, she had a Miracle a few years later when she married a wonderful Loving Christian man.

    I’m sure you will see why this song reminded me of both of them. I will leave you the link to the original P.P….. the other one is still showing on my Blog, it’s called Aussie Mountain Miracles, you may have seen it, the only difference is it has Australian Mountains, when my Mother was dying, God used it to reassure me that I don’t walk alone, He is always with me and all of His known Children and He will show He is and we will see if our eyes are open and we will hear Him if our ears are too, yes I do indeed believe in Miracles.

    Mountain Miracles- http://freedomborn.wordpress.com/2012/02/27/mountain-miracles-for-bob-and-wendy/

    Christian Love from both of us – Anne.

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