Domestic Violence Day 2: Emotional Abuse

Today is Day 2 of  October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Series.
Yesterday I posted Part 1: Verbal Abuse… so today, I will continue with part 2 of this abuse series…

Day 2 of the DV series: Emotional Abuse…
There are so many victims!! There are so many wounds! And, each wound on every victim leads to the same thing…a brokenness as wounds after wounds pile up on each person.
Now, many people use the word verbal abuse and emotional abuse interchangeably. However, emotional abuse is actually inclusive of verbal abuse, but adds another dimension of abuse. Not only is the victim torn down and beat down verbally, they are actually abused by the abusers actions…stopping short of laying hands on them which would go into physical abuse.

Isolating the victim.
Withholding love from the victim.emotional-abuse4
Ignoring the victim.
Silence treatment to the victim.
A “look” to the victim.
Not being involved in victim’s life.
Not accepting the victim’s opinion.
Showing no compassion to the victim.
Having victims “walk on eggshells.”
Reflecting emotions like anger or irritability without speaking.

In emotionally abusive relationhips, this abuse tends to happen every day which has more damaging effects than other abuses that do not occur every day. Part of the problem is that emotional abuse can be so underhanded or so sutle, that the victims begin to accept the behaviors as normal and does not even realize that they are being abused. Unlike just verbal where hurtful words are spoken and unlike physical abuse where the abuser becomes physically aggressive, emotional abuse can be totally unspoken and no actions involved. It is the nonspoken communication between abuser and victim that tears down the victim even more and has them “walking on eggshells” to avoid confrontation…. Again, I know! I walked on “eggshells” for years and apologized for millions of things that I did not do because of the anger projected from my abuser. But, most days, I still did not know that I was being abused…

34 thoughts on “Domestic Violence Day 2: Emotional Abuse

    • I totally understand what you have been through. I commented on your comment section that I have always said that I would have recovered sooner if he would have physically stabbed instead of the emotional torment. Verbal and emotional abuse as well as all of the abuses is so destructive and devastating to those who fall victim to it. I am so glad that you and many others are speaking out. Blessings to you!

  1. May God continue to bring you healing and grace, mercy and kindness, love and peace. He is the best and we are His, we belong to Him. He doesn’t do to us the things that You have listed above, He is so good. God bless your day. May you sense the kisses of Jesus upon every wound.

    • Amen. I thank God everyday for rescuing me and my children from the life of abuse that we were trapped in. God is so good and His Mercy endures forever. He is also no respecter of persons and what He has done for me, He can and will do for many more… Many blessing to you!!!

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  4. I totally understand this post. Emotional abuse is rampant and should not be tolerated. Other than getting away from the person do you have any solutions for attacking this beast?

    • Education and exposure are keys to stopping it. No abuser wants to be exposed and so many of us do not even recognize abuse because we get so accustomed to it.. and a whole lot of prayer. I pray everyday for victims to be rescued and healed as well as for abusers to stop abusing. We all need to be delivered from our past and healed of our wounds.

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    • Hi Sam… I am sorry that anyone suffers abuse. I will be praying for that person. I wrote that post the other day with the video that you sent. I really appreciate your help. Here is the link in case you did not see it…
      Looking Through a Victim’s Eyes (Trigger Warning).

      Thanks again Sam!!

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