TEST: Abusive or non-abusive? What are your character traits?

This is a simple question for each of us. These are some abusive and non-abusive characteristics or character traits. Which do you see in yourself? Which ones do family and friends see in you? There may be a problem if what you see in yourself and what others see is different. 

A= Angry/ Abrasive/ Antagonistic/ Attackful/ Astraying
B= Bad/ Belittling/ Baggering/ Blaming/ Boastful/ Bigotry/ Bully
U= Unkind/ Unhappy/ Un-Godly/ Using/ Unrelenting/ Unrealistic/ Unsatisfied/ Unreliable/ Unfaithful
S= Scolding/ Slanderous/ Sarcastic/ Selfish/ Scaring/ Stinging/ Slick/ Shifty
I= Injustice/ Inconsiderate/ Inequality/ Indecent/ Infidelity/ Intolerant/ Injurous/ Insulting/ Immoral/ Irritable
V= Violent/ Vendictive/ Villain/ Violating/ Venomous/ Vengeful
E= Egotistical/ Exploitation/ Evil/ Explosive/ Endangering/ Erratic/ Exaulting of self

N= Nice/ Normal/ Nourishing/ Non-boastful/ Non-oppositional
O= Open/ Overlooking/ Obliging/ Obedient
N= Non-fault finding/ Never negative/ Non-demanding/ Non-oppressive
A= Affirming/ Adoring/ Accepting/ Admiring/ Appreciative/ Assisting/ Appropriate/ Authentic/ Accountable
B= Believing/ Benevolence/ Blessing/ Beneficial/ Blameless behavior
U= Understanding/ Uplifting/ Unselfish/ Ultracaring/ Urging/ Unimpeachable/ Upright
S= Sincere/ Sensitive/ Sacrificial/ Spiritual/ Sympathic/ Supportive/ Sinless/ Saintly
I= Impartial/ Integrity/ Infallible/ Innocence/ Ideal/ Insightful/ Impeccable
V= Virtuous/ Vested
E= Esteeming/ Encouraging/ Ethical/ Empathic/ Exaulting of others/ Easygoing

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11 thoughts on “TEST: Abusive or non-abusive? What are your character traits?

    • I totally understand. Amazingly, many abusers seem to think they fit more into the victim category. I pray that God will open his eyes and change him for God is the only One who can truly change someone. I join you in prayer for your brother and entire family… Many blessings to you!!

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