You’ve Got a Friend

As I was praying this morning with all the turmoil that has come against me lately, the thought came to me, “When you are down and troubled, you’ve got a friend”. Yes, I have a friend that I can always count on…

You’ve got a Friend.
Some last forever…
some come to an end.
But there is One,
who’s always with you.
He is always available,
and always true.
He wants you more,
and more frequently.
With a true relationship,
and deep intimacy.
Not just weekend visits,
or just when in need.
But everyday friends,
walking as He leads.
When we are troubled,
and need a helping hand.
He is always with you,
anywhere in the land.
Nothing is too much,
for this Friend of mine.
I have found His Love,
and His Light does shine.
For I have committed
my life to My Friend.
I will walk with Him,
till the very end.

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18 thoughts on “You’ve Got a Friend

  1. Beautiful and uplifting and may one day those that abuse in whatever form it takes, one day feel the friendship we are offering by exposing these practices, and realise we have always had their best interests at heart, but the responsibility for change rests within themselves.

    • I am so sorry Becki. That was the song that I was hearing this morning in my head and knew that I needed to post it. I pray for God to heal you and bring you Peace that surpasses all understanding…

    • Thank you so very much for your encouraging words and support. I really appreciate your prayers. I knew that God was telling me yesterday that He was walking through this with me and I just need to hold onto Him. Thanks again for your prayers and I pray for God to pour His blessings onto you too my friend…

  2. I love the song. I love your gift of expression. The way you can express your thoughts into words, is heaven sent. Whatever your struggle, if it’s still there, may you come through it with the more grace and knowledge and strength. Prayers and blessings…

    • Thank you Angel. My “Friend” helped me through the turmoil of the day. Your encouraging words were heart-felt.. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. Blessings to you Angel!!

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