“A Call for Prayer!”

As I pray everyday for all the abused, all the sick, and all the wounded around the world, I feel that I am supposed to put out a “Call for Prayer!” So here goes, I ask all of you to stand with me in prayer for people around the world as we fight this battle against the abuses of the world.

LORD, we come to You today,
and in Your Mighty Name we pray.
We pray for Your Holy Spirit to pour out,
with Miraculous signs without a doubt.
We pray for all victims abused,
and all who Satan has misused.
We pray for all who are depressed,
and all who are oppressed.
We pray for all who are sick,
and against Satan’s evil tricks.
We pray for all the poor,
and that You will restore.
We pray for all hearts to receive…
and multitudes to believe.
We pray for healing across the land,
and deliverance from wounds of man.
We pray for all in bondage and shame,
and break the chains in Jesus’ Name.
We pray for the wounded across the land,
and for a world-wide Move of Your Mighty Hand.
Lord, we pray for revival!!
We need You for our survival!!
Help us all we pray!!!
Rescue Your children today!!
In Jesus’/ Yahshua’s Name we pray…

Ephesians 6:11-18
Acts 3

Photo by commit2pray.com

23 thoughts on ““A Call for Prayer!”

  1. I agree with you in Jesus Name. I am not sure if you know but AW has call the month of October, a month of prayer and fast for the nations of the earth. Everyday I’ll be posting a list of nations to pray for. Your support would be appreciated. Prayer is a necessity especially in these times. God bless you sis.

    • Amen.. I did not know that but yes, I stand with you in prayer as I have committed to pray for all the broken and nations around the world everyday. This is a spiritual battle that we are fighting against the forces of evil, not flesh and blood and we have to go deeper than the current battle being fought on the surface. Prayer is the Key… I stand with you in intercession for the nations around the world my Sister in Christ!!!

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