Jesus is my Savior, not my religion years, I sat in church every Sunday doing what I thought I was supposed to as a believer in Christ. But then something changed! My life as I knew was shattered.  I was broken. I had been wounded by years of abuse and deception where I did not even know who I was because of lies. I needed more…

The only Truth that I knew was God and His Son who gave His life for me.   I cried out to God in my brokenness. And He answered!. I had believed it before… but now I experienced His Presence. He saved me. He rescued me.  I developed a personal relationship with Him. Finally, I realized that it was never supposed to be about religion… It was was all about Him.

10 thoughts on “Jesus is my Savior, not my religion

  1. Amen. It is all about Him. We follow Jesus and live His way of life and love, and we develop a spiritual relationship with Him that can last for eternity. Religion is about externals, and this is internal and up close and personal. There is true blessing in brokenness.

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