Broken?? Searching for Your Boaz?

Today, I want to continue with the subject that I started yesterday with Ruth in  Broken?? Redemption is available….

Yesterday, I wrote: 

“The purpose of my story today is that there are many people out there today who have a choice. After a divorce or breakup, many choose the path of partying and bars and dating various people to find their next spouse. Others turn to God in their brokenness as Ruth did to wait on His blessings and allow Him to orchestrate their lives.”
“This is just something to think about. Which path did you choose in your brokenness???

This was my question yesterday. So today, I want to say that many of us these days are victims of failed marriages with abuse, abandonment, and adultery. Many are widows or widowers who have lost their loving spouse for some unknown reason. Also, many are just wanting the “love of their life” to be found for the first time.  Whatever the cause for the loss of a spouse or the search of a spouse,  many are faced with loneliness and/ or isolation. So, where do we turn?

I can tell you that I felt that loneliness and isolation as a teenager as I searched for my Boaz many years ago. I thought I had found my Boaz in a bar, drinking. I got attention that I had never experienced. I melted with his kind and loving words. But, I got just what I found. A drunken, deceiving “Bo”… not a Boaz.

We all long for a companion to share our lives with. But do we go in search or do we wait? Are you searching for your Boaz? Or are you praying for your Boaz?  Are you looking in the right places or looking in all the wrong places?  What are you keeping your eyes on. You see, God knows all the desires of our hearts. He knows everyone around the world. He can orchestrate any meeting of any people at any time. He controls it all. So as He put Ruth and Boaz together, He can and will bring you the perfect spouse as you wait on Him.  The perfect “Boaz and Ruth” will find each other as you both rely on God.

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Broken?? Redemption is available….


13 thoughts on “Broken?? Searching for Your Boaz?

  1. I agree! Perhaps if we would have the faith, courage and patience to wait for God to send us His choice for our spouse, one out two marriages would not end in divorce in the U.S.

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  3. I love this post, my sweet sister. As you have read my blog you may have realized I have become worn out with trying to find Boaz on my own. God is so much better at orchestrating my life than I am. Although I do desire a man I don’t desire one which is not ordained by God to be in my life. Thanks again. I will reblog this post.

    • Amen sister!! God will bring our Boaz as we wait on Him. He knows the desires of our hearts. After we have been so hurt by abuse, we sure don’t want to take a chance on messing up again. Thanks for the reblog and I will continue to pray for both of us…

  4. This is a really good post. For all of those who didn’t know that story I hope a lot of them opened up their Bible and began to read God’s beautiful book. Thank you for doing such great work.

    • Thanks again, I really love the story of Ruth and Boaz. I pray that many more of us who are alone will wait on their Boaz from the Lord and not end up with more brokenness with more failed relationships. The enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy. I pray that more eyes will open to realize this. Blessings my friend!!

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