The reflections of you past do not effect the projections of your future.



Reflections is the word that has been coming to me. What do we see when we look at our reflection.
Do we see our past and all of our mistakes?
Do we see our present and current situations?
Or, do we see our future and all the plans that God has for us?

Maybe some of you have an assortment of reflections like being in a House of Mirrors, past, present and future…just like some are tall and thin, short and stout, scattered or others are even invisible. We don’t know what we see when we look in a mirror in a House of Mirrors. I can tell you that some of those reflections, I really don’t won’t to see. In fact, I can tell you the only reflection that I do want to see…

The only reflection that I want to see is the Christ that is in…

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