Satan’s FEAR versus God’s TRUTH

Praise the Lord…
in good times or bad.
Praise the Lord…
when happy or sad.
For fear and doubt…
we must cast away.
but Truth and Love…
are here to stay.

The voice of Satan…
says you are so sorry.
  but The Voice of Truth…
says it’s for My Glory.
For FEAR is:
False Evidence Appearing Real.
But Truth is:
GOD: The Real Deal.

So hang onto God,
and always do your best.
Just put your Faith in Him,
and He will do the rest.
And when you doubt,
feeling it is an impossibility.
Just remember:
God + Availability = Possibility

So many of us let FEAR control us instead of the TRUTH and believing in the miracles of God. All things are possible with God. We just need to have Faith and make ourselves available to be used by Him for His Glory. Remember, it’s not about us… It’s all about Him!

8 thoughts on “Satan’s FEAR versus God’s TRUTH

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