HE LIFTS US UP: The Mirroring Effect? (Luke 6:45)


abundance of heart

The Mirroring Effect…of abuse

It has always amazed me how people can say things that are so untrue about a person.  It’s amazing how lies can be blatantly told and how accusations are freely made without any basis for what is said…. It is amazing how someone that you love, can tear you down and accuse you of so many things that you know are impossible for you to do…

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4 thoughts on “HE LIFTS US UP: The Mirroring Effect? (Luke 6:45)

  1. Do we accept what they say Secret Angel and if so why, who are we trying to justify ourselves to, God or man.

    Because I have been the victim of much abuse, and now with Blogging there is Internet abuse too, I had to seek the Lord for His understanding of my worth as a person, when I realized just how much He valued me, than what others thought no longer mattered, yes it saddened me to see their hard hearts but as long as my actions were not what caused their abuse, I no longer took it to heart and I forgave them. Some of course will imagine because of their own feelings of inferiority or fleshy pride thoughts and actions, that I have hurt them deliberately, when with Blogging my focus is and always has been, to share God’s Truth as confirmed in Scripture as He tells us to do.

    There is much more that I could share with you Secret Angel but I will just leave a link , I hope the Story I Posted will bless you as it did me. It is why I mostly close with both of us, my Spiritual Husband Jesus, always goes before me and as I share, I know He is with me, so if nobody else is, than as they say……..When God is for us who can be against us and have the FINAL victory.

    Our Value – http://alifeofhopeandjoy.wordpress.com/2011/10/23/how-god-views-us-2/

    Christian Love Always from both of us – Anne

    • That was beautiful Anne. I can tell you what God gave me when my ex was doing all these crazy things. God woke me up at 4:04 one morning with Psalm 4:4 when I had gotten upset and tried to write a long email in reply to his accusations…. “Don’t sin by letting anger control you.
      Think about it overnight and remain silent.”
      I learned from God at that moment to give it all to God and not say anything. God knows the truth. I did not need to say a word. God does go before us and orchestrates our steps as we seek His guidance. It really does not matter what others think. Many blessings to you my friend!!

      • Very True Secret A, and so good to hear that God helped you when you needed it most although he often does but we don’t recognize that it is Him.

        It is not a sin to get angry even grief, confusion and despair cause anger, what is a sin is holding onto the bitterness and resentment, as we shared once before it can cause like cancer to eat away all the goodness in us and it is these that control us and motivate us to seek revenge, we must have heart forgiveness, which will be shown in our actions and words.

        Righteous Anger is different, if we are not angry about the evil in the world, we will become apathetic and will eventually accept it as OK, sadly that is happening a lot today even in the Church.

        Standing up for God’s Truth means as Jesus told us we will be persecuted, hated, ignored slandered and even killed. He also tells us a lot will have itching ears, they listen to those who agree with their fleshy agenda, even when they call good what God calls evil and vise versa

        I would value your prayers Secret A for our Monty , he is not good, the vet told me today that he should be put down now that he has gone blind in one eye, they can’t cure him because the condition that he has, they still don’t know what causes it , they can only help with the symptoms temporarily.

        Ron is adamant he will not allow Monty to be put to sleep, and right now I don’t have peace about doing this either, although I don’t want to see him suffer, animals don’t understand why, but their instinct tell them their in danger and they respond to this. I need very much God’s intervention and leading right now.

        Christian Love from both of us – Anne

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