FEAR… PTSD and Triggers (2 Tim. 1:7)

FEAR!! Yesterday I wrote how most victims of abuse do not feel that any fear is fun or exciting like many do at Halloween. See FEAR… A “Thriller” to Some or a New Reality Show for Abuse Victims.  I know that victims who have lived with fear have a different outlook on fear than the general public.  Real fear is not fun. Real fear is not exciting. Real fear is not something that anyone really wants to experience.  The fear that I am talking about is the kind that makes your heart race, your hands shake, and makes you want to run and hide. The fear where you are constantly looking over your shoulder. The fear that even a phone ringing will send you into a panic.Panic! That’s the name. A fear so intense that a panic response is triggered by something that most people would not even think twice about. Many times it is accompanied by uncontrolled periods of crying. So, most people have not experienced this feeling. This fear triggers feelings and responses which are uncontrollable by the victim.  PTSD%20occur

You see…  this fear is not fun or exciting. This fear actually makes you feel crazy. Victims that have experienced this are constantly under a heightened level of anxiety and alertness.  This is the response resulting after abuses, after death threats, and all the traumas that the victim has endured. Some therapist call it “post-traumatic stress disorder”. Some may call it depression because of the crying. However, the victim knows! She has witnessed the uncontrolled anger and violence when he has attacked her. This fear triggers a panic response. In fact, statistics show that more women suffer from PTSD from abuse than soldiers fighting in a war. I know how consuming this fear is. I lived with it.

I was told that PTSD was not curable and only controlled by medications. However, I can also tell you that God heals and  He delivers from evil.  I now know that fear does not come from God. Satan just loves when we are consumed by fear because fear is from him. I  thank God for healing and delivering me from the fear that consumed me… for “God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.” (2 Tim.1:7) I know that He wants to heal many more of you .

19 thoughts on “FEAR… PTSD and Triggers (2 Tim. 1:7)

  1. Love your reference to 2 Timothy. Fear can grip anyone, despite their trauma history. A good counselor, therapist, social worker, caregiver, teacher, friend can hopefully identify “that look” in the eyes of those who are having a panic moment, or moment of fear. If you have never checked out EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) http://www.emdr.com it is worth a look. A lot of good research indicating it is effective with processing trauma to minimize the ptsd related reactions.
    Peace to you! Malinda

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  3. Today is a dark time for me and in the coming week I shall face yet another of those who stole everything from me. Who cursed me to live with this. Sorr if my message sounds darkened but this is my state of mind at this moment.

    Many seriously abused as I do not feel fear. I only feel pain. It’s the only emotion left when nothing else remains. Fear is conquered by survival, and that survival kills everything else except pain which remains your only champion, pain remains where nothing else lives and reminds us we yet live. We maybe the minority of the survivors but what of us who remain and how do you find what’s been dead inside for so long. I have abandoned the champion of pain as best I’ve been able and though I reach no new champion presents itself. Besides death where do you go to find that which evil killed so long ago?

    Many survivors use cutting and pain as a way to feel once more in a world numbed by horrors and unspeakable deeds. As if survival is not enough constant reliving which is required to ensure evil remains behind bars. Each time opening the wounds and shattering the mind. I honestly quit I just can’t do this anymore. I have begged and pleaded he take this from me. I am not strong enough for the burden set upon me. He ignores my plea and I know not why. I won’t quit asking nor wishing for final release. Perhaps the hereafter shall find comfort it can’t be worse.

    • Michelle, thank you so much for sharing. You have explained something that I did not realize yet. I understand what you are saying about conquering fear and all that is left is pain. That is all that is left with the depth of those wounds. I pray for you that God will bring you peace and comfort with healing and restoration. Please keep you eyes on Him for on God is the Key to overcoming all of our problems. I pray for God to pour His blessings onto you!!

      • As humans our only real fear is death. This is the basis for fear. If you welcome it and do not fear it then you’ve conquered fear. I am told there are two ways to completely conquer it.
        1) absolute belief in the life beyond life.
        2) survive something that makes you welcome death.
        I have both. Hopefully people don’t need the second option.

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