Someone’s Watching Over Me

Over the last several days…
I keep hearing this song.
I know it’s about the brokenness…
when the world seems so wrong.
Though we don’t know our future…
this message is so clear.
Someone’s watching over us…
and He is always near.
So like the song says…
Don’t give up!!
Don’t break down!!
Though life’s hard…
it will turn around.
And though it’s not easy,
I know that this is true.
God is always there…
Watching over me and you.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2013

6 thoughts on “Someone’s Watching Over Me

  1. Wanted to see if you could find my blog. I am in the midst of a transition. Should be a good thing in the end run but getting there is scary and difficult. Don’t want to lose my followers that I cherish like I cherish you. Love you honey!

    • Hi Gracie Lynne. I am glad that you commented because it is only through your comments that I have been able to find you. I have tried your other link that you gave me but it does not pull you up. That reblog that you did does not show up and I can’t even pull up some of your recent posts that are listed. There is no way to “Like” your postings. Please keep in touch. Love you my sister!!

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