Dreams or Nightmares…

Dreams or nightmares…
occurring in the night.
Bringing hope to many…
or some feelings of fright.
But why they’re occurring…
and what do they mean?
Maybe visions of your future…
or maybe just plain dreams?
Are they triggering your memories,
of horrors of the past?
Are revealing God’s plans
like a visionary forecast?
So ask God for guidance,
and for Him to reveal.
For He can give you peace,
and can definitely heal.
No more pain…
No more fear…
Just peaceful dreams…
with God always near.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2013

7 thoughts on “Dreams or Nightmares…

  1. Dreams and dreams many of your dreams are my dreams.For life I share your excitement. for the future and I have big plans for you. Since before you were born. Trust me to fulfill my plans for your life. I have in mind to follow and trust. And follow me on my journey with all the things that are possible only believe.

    • Amen!!! Yes, God gives us dreams of our future… we just need to believe to receive… as well as patiently wait for His timing. Thank you so much for your encouraging comment!! May God pour out His blessings onto you, my brother!!

  2. I am waiting for the dreams to begin but I can happily report the nightmares have reduced. My average sleep time has gone from four hours to five the past few nights and I haven’t woken in terror in 2 nights. Instead the sun has warmed my face to awaken me. I know two nights does not mean I am free of the nightmares but two nights is a small blessing even if they return now from time to time. Even if two nights is the blessing from time to time. I’ll take it! 🙂 Amen/God Bless/Lots of Love

    Your sister Michelle.

    • Hi Michelle! Praise God for what He is doing for you. I can tell you what I did. Ephesians 6: 11-18 is the Armor of God which includes the Helmet of Salvation. It protects your mind from the attacks of the enemy. I have to pray this everyday. Please try to pray this at morning and night. Also, I softly played worship music 24/7 in my room or house to keep an atmosphere of praise. Peace took the place of turmoil in my house and mind. I continue to pray for you and all victims of abuse, that God will bring healing and restoration. Blessings my friend!!

      • I’ve been praying a lot more than twice a day. Seems more like 50 or a 100. Though sometimes it’s just something like “Thank you lord” for no apparent need to give thanks. Just the desire to. He is my father I speak to him often. My challenge is always listening as any child we sometimes have selective hearing. Lucky for me he is persistent when I am missing something important. People think I am weird because I don’t see prayer as a formal thing. It is more a constant thing, a conversation between me and my heavenly father. To me this is just natural.

        After all Jesus came to the Jews and Christians to remind them that god is their father and they don’t need a formal church or prayer to talk to him. The most powerful words ever spoken “Let us pray in the words our father gave us. Our Father who art In Heaven.” Let us, pray you and I in the words our father, my father as he was Jesus’ father the same. Powerful words indeed and worthy words I live by.

        Twice a day I try not to stop. Breaks in the conversation, sure but a continuing day long discourse between loving father and adoring child. Amen and god bless I pray he continue to use and heal you as well.

      • Amen…Amen…Amen… You got it sister!!! An all day conversation with God is what I do!! Thanking Him all day. Talking to Him all day. Not really formal prayers. This is not about religion or church… all of this is about a relationship with our Loving Father. But He gives us scriptures to teach us. Ephesians 6 is about spiritual warfare. We all need to learn about spiritual warfare to stand against Satan’s attacks. You see, Satan can’t read out minds, but he can put fear and negative thoughts in our minds, including nightmares. Remember, the mind is a major battle field. Stand strong my sister. God is doing a mighty work in you!!!

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