Getting Raped Wounds Your Soul…

I heard this analogy on a television one day and thought that I would share…

“Getting raped wounds your soul… and just like a victim of a shooting would need help to remove the bullet, rape victims need help to heal their wounds. They can not do it alone…”

Too many rape victims suffer in silence. They feel that they can overcome this trauma on their own. However, these wounds need to be exposed for them to heal. These wounds are deep and covering them up only allows them to “fester” like an infected wound spreading harm through your body. Stopping the silence and exposing the violence facilitates healing from this experience.

10 thoughts on “Getting Raped Wounds Your Soul…

  1. this is a time that needs the healing that one is never willing. I had this article: *When Apology Never Comes* and i just thank you for sharing this, it difficult think to accept in ones mind…

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