Feelings…This Time of Year

Many are depressed…
this time of year…
dealing with feelings…
of loneliness, worthlessness or fear.
And many are struggling…
with a financial lack…
while others are blowing money…
and don’t even look back.
The holidays are here…
with much money spent.
When many single mothers…
just worry about paying rent.
And we’ll never know,
how these people feel.
Till we walk in their shoes,
with concern about each meal.
So show some compassion,
for that is the key…
to help other people,
who are broken or in poverty.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2013

22 thoughts on “Feelings…This Time of Year

  1. Yes it’s very real for them, especially at this time of the year when most people are looking forward to the festive season. May our Lord continue to show them love and comfort them through our prayers and practical giving and understanding.

  2. Amen! For many years this has been just that. Everything you described. I have grown children now but I still feel the same. The greed and selfishness many are teaching their children. Christmas is not what it once was. Christmas is not all smiles and singing “joy to the world ” all day long. Those are on tv, well if you can find a show after all the reality stuff goes off. I don’t even watch anything but the news. The real world is different and when it is a hard time for you the commercials of all the joy,joy,buy,buy only compounds it.
    THANKS…yes, I still get depressed and mad at the people fighting in the stores and blowing money like it growing on trees. Sad place…..hold your head high and tell yourself that all these people are the one living the lie …..that is just what it is.

    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words. I know that this is a problem all over. The commercialization of these holidays only compound the problems of those who don’t have the financial means to provide extra. It’s sad but true. Many blessings to you Donna!!

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