Identity…Lost and Found

Have you ever lost yourself…
in the turmoil all around you.
And can’t seem to find your way…
with your whole identity a blur too.

So many are feeling lost…
with their lives’ events.
And I know how they feel…
for this I have to admit.

My life was all planned out…
with me in control.
Then I lost it all…
another wounded soul.

A happy, loving family…
I had planned for my life.
But it was filled with abuse…
so no longer am I a wife.

And my own career,
all planned out at first.
But I loss that too,
and not working as a nurse.

Then my identity as a mom,
was lost again.
As my children got older…
and their own lives began.

But through my turmoil…
losing all that I knew.
I found my Father…
Who can make all things new.

I hung onto Him…
when I could not even see.
And the transformation began,
to make a new me.

He told me to write…
so I wrote a book.
Then told me to blog…
so this endeavor I undertook.

Then the words seemed to flow…
and all seemed to fit.
So maybe I was a poet…
and did not even know it.

So though I was broken…
from all of life’s wrath.
I hung onto God…
as He took me on a new path.

For though my identity was lost,
it was found in my Father.
For one thing I have learned…
I am the King’s Daughter.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2013

16 thoughts on “Identity…Lost and Found

    • Hi Dove!! Great to hear from you. I just love your site and your messages. I am so glad that you liked it. I never like to reveal much about myself directly but felt lead to write this. So many of us have been broken and so lost… it is then that God can put back the pieces. Many blessings to you, my friend!!

  1. What a joy to read of the identity and worth you are finding in a truly loving, non-abusive relationship with God! I never realized how much abuse destroys identity until I experienced it myself. Who would have thought that things done to us could so totally affect the way we feel about ourselves? And yet on the other side of it, I am discovering the beauty of a completely new identity based not on performance or purity or other peoples’ good opinion, but wholly on God’s unconditional love for me. It is a gift I never would have thought to ask for, but a gift nonetheless, to truly experience being His beloved child. Keep on believing it and allowing it to seep into your soul; keep on sharing your newfound strength with others on this same road.

    • Amen!! You expressed it perfectly. It is so hard to fully understand how another feels unless you have walked that same path. I really appreciate your encouraging comments and support. Many blessings to you, Tiffany and your family!!

    • Thank you Angel. I don’t usually like to put much out there about me but felt that I needed to today. It is amazing how when we lose almost everything in this world is when we draw closer to God and see that He is the Key to everything. Blessings to you, my “fellow Angel”!

      • I think when you do share from time to time it normalizes it for others who may also feel it.
        But I see you as an uplifting spirit with intention and your blog is helping so many as will your book.
        Looking forward to your posts as always!!!

      • Thanks for your advice and support. My life is about to be an open book once my book is released. We are only waiting for Amazon to be ready for the official release. I have never felt comfortable saying much about myself but that is about to change since my whole life story will be out there. I look forward to you reading my book. I know that God has a plan since He told me to write it. I pray that it will touch many lives…

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