Perceptions: How is Your Vision?

physical abuse

Our perception of things is based on our experiences…

Many people are so hurt by the abuses in their lives that they see through the wounds and pain caused by the abuses that they have endured. When someone looks out through the pain of their past, everything is clouded by the pain … which makes sense because that is what they have experienced. Our perception of things is based on our experiences. Some may look at a glass of water as being half empty while others see it as half full. Some may feel that someone coming up behind them is non-threatening, while others will cringe or run or fight, depending on what their experiences were when someone came up behind them. Our reactions are a result of our experiences.


Now, I can only tell you what my experiences have been. I had been a victim of multiple abuses. I can also tell you that my abusers probably had been abused and bullied so they were reacting out of their past experiences as well. I can tell you that though the many abuses are different, they all still lead to brokenness…which is where I was. Totally broken. Crushed. I could not see through the pain or through the tears. Then, things started happening that I thought were coincidences… I was getting little signs of things that I had ignored before. God was revealing His Love to me. My eyes were being opened. I was seeing God’s hand move in my favor. My perception and my vision were being changed… all in God’s timing.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2013

16 thoughts on “Perceptions: How is Your Vision?

      • Followed your blog.. I loved it and specially the main idea behind it.Many of the people in our society have these issues but only few of them are bold and confident enough to discuss them and help others as well 🙂 *patt*

      • Thank you so much for your encouraging words of support. I really appreciate it as I walk this path. So many are broken from the abuses of this world. I pray that God will bring healing and restoration to the multitudes. Many blessings to you, my new friend!!

  1. I have an analogy for you. A person who is always with crowds of people, in time becomes defined by that crowd. And that occurs because of interaction. He misses the opportunity to define himself as a separate entity. I share this because you post about experience defining folks. And of course how finally it became your experience with God that you look for in definition. Much love; MAO

    • Yes, you are so correct. We also become defined by the people around us… our families, our co-workers, etc as well as our experiences. Some good. Some bad. Some our choice and some are not. But we always have a choice of Who we can cling to in the midst of our storms… Blessings to you!

  2. I too was abused and it was only through Christian councelling that the wounds were healed.

    Many times that type of abuse can only be healed through councilling.

    God bless you with peace and joy.

  3. How are you girlfriend? How are things going over yonder? It is freezing cold in Minnesota which borders to Canada. A high temp today of 19 degrees Farenheit but warmer than it has been in many days. I suppose you use measurements by Celsius vs. Farenheit but I don’t know the difference.

    I am feeling well enough to be cleaning house like a mad woman. My husband just called from town to see if we needed anything from the store, then he is coming home. Darnit! I don’t like to clean when he is here. Silly but true. Are you that way? I think I am odd to feel that way. LOL My doggies are staying indoors with all of the below zero temperatures going on. December. I guess we should expect it but this cold usually doesn’t come until Jan or Feb.

    How are you feeling now? Drop a note. Hugs, BBE

    • Wow.. No, its not that cold here in the southern part. But cold enough. Enjoy your time with your husband. House work can wait. Sounds like you have an awesome husband. You both keep warm. Sounds like good weather for a fire and a good snugly blanket. Many blessings to you my friend!! Hugs back to you!!

  4. There is nothing like God’s love for us. The power of His love can over power the pain of our past while soothing and comforting us, if we allow it. Thanks for sharing yourself with us. Allowing us to get a glimpse of how love can and has transformed pain into something beautiful…you!

    • Thank you so much Valarie Lovelight!! I just love the name that you have chosen as it is a representation of the Love that shines through you. Yes, God’s Love is like nothing experienced in this world… When we open our hearts to accept His Love, we will be transformed. We serve an awesome God. Thanks Valarie for your encouragement and support. Blessings to you!!

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