Deep Wounds = Great Blessings

These words came to me today…

“The depths of your wounds is inversely proportional to the heights of your blessings….”

Then, this scripture and words came to my mind…

Psalm 42:7, “Deep calls unto deep…”

Well, I was not sure exactly what this scripture meant so I had to research it. According to Charles Spurgeon’s #865,

“Great deeps of trial bring with them great deeps of Promise! For you much afflicted ones, there are words, great and mighty, which are not meant for other saints of easier experience.”

So you see, there are many of you victims of abuse around the world who have been so broken and so terribly wounded by the transgressions of others against you. No, God did not do it to you. The evils of man did it. But God has a calling on the lives of those afflicted by man. I know that God gave me this today as a message to those broken. As we hold onto Him and develop a deep relationship with Him, He will bring healing and restoration and lead you to blessings that you can not even imagine. That is exactly what He was telling me this morning when He told me, “The depths of your wounds is inversely proportional to the heights of your blessings…”

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39 thoughts on “Deep Wounds = Great Blessings

    • Wow… Thank you so much for your support. God is so awesome to make His messages clear. I definitely can’t take credit for it. I did not even know what that scripture meant. I just knew that I heard it. I appreciate your encouragement. May God bless you, my friend!

      • Yes, inspired! Was that your quote “inversely…..”? I love that quote. Thanks again for the post. Bless you.

      • That was the wording that I got as I wrote it down yesterday. I have never seen it anywhere before and was not even sure what “Deep calls to deep” meant, but God is so good!!! He will give us what we need and when we need it.

      • Great work. Thanks for the videos on Susan Boyle. I’m still following the thread by the fragments that appear at the end of each presentation.

      • You’ve reminded me of a film. By your last remark. “Strictly Ballroom” Please watch it. Perhaps you don’t watch movies, however. It has that theme of being winners though perhaps not receiving the accolades of man. The film has a spectrum of messages. It is Baz Lurman’s only real masterpiece.

      • Now that you brought that up (tears). It is best to prepare you for the movie. It is zany. The movie is tongue in cheek humor. Look closer however, it packs a wallop on the metaphors, and signification. Don’t sleep on it. It is a gem. One of my daughters, at a time that I spent with her, twice a year she would knock on the door of my room, “Give me, where is it?” She was asking for the movie. By this, I knew she was down in the dumps for it is such a happy, happy movie. Enjoy, report back if possible.

      • Enjoy it. And if you get back to me, I would gladly share some observations which I got from it that are a little bit subtle. Thanks for obtaining it.

      • Please, if you are able, let me know what you thought of it, and is this “Strictly Ballroom” or “Gaslight”?
        Thanks in advance. MAO

      • I have actually been able to watch both over the weekend. Strictly Ballroom reminded me of the first Dirty Dancing. The shy, quiet girl with the handsome, smooth, dancing man who learns to speak up and make decisions that are beyond their time. Then Gaslight… it definitely brought back memories of living with a deceitful and manipulative man, who constantly made me feel crazy and finally told me that he had lied to me for years, using me for what he wanted. It hurts to know that your life with someone was a lie.

      • Thanks for indulging me and watching them. Is it possible that you don’t often watch movies? I’m sorry to hear that you went through something like that. It’s no wonder that you found your way to the Lord. I’m glad for you where God is concerned (in reference to you life). The things I would like to share concerning the films might prove extensive. So, would it be possible to get your email address. Not to worry this would likely be the only time I would use it in trust. If not don’t sweat it. I understand and respect your wish for privacy. Thanks again; MAO

      • If I watch movies, it would be with my children and what they would want… and they definitely would not want to watch those. My contact info is on my website. Thanks for the support and many blessings to you MAO!!

      • I’m probably ignorant. I went there to look for it, and could not find it. I’m no secret (Miguel Angel Oquendo)

      • It was not my intention (get a “sorry” out of you, now I’m sorry). Nonetheless, I’m very computer ignorant. Sometimes even get filled with anxiety concerning my inability, when faced with some berserk stuff that overwhelms me online. That’s why I couldn’t find the email. I would like to share some insights on the film (s). I hope it won’t take you away from your obligations. You can ignore it if that’s the case. I will understand. Your friend; MAO and thanks again for watching them.

  1. Wow! This spoke to me today. Thank you so much for this message. I have always believe what you said but after going through a depression for two years, it seems like I forgot this already. This is a timely reminder. God Bless you.

  2. Deep Wounds = Great Blessings

    Today, this post was my lifeline. For me, while I hate pain and suffering in my walk with Christ I’ve learned to embrace it. I understand there is purpose in the pain. I understand that I must decrease so that He can increase. With my goal to be like Christ, I embrace life’s struggles and pain and difficulties. I have learned to answer the high call in Christ Jesus.

    Today, I needed to be reminded that pain, a great wound, will bring great blessings. Hearing this today renewed my hope that there will be a reward for any pain I, we, go through. Pain and suffering has no bounds, knows no gender, doesn’t discriminate, doesn’t judge or have bias, strikes both rich and those with little…it crosses all & touches all.

    Yesterday, I heard this. Whatever your great pain that is your call. And, God will use both the pain and the call to help others.

    It’s worth it! It’s worth it! It’s worth it!
    That’s what I needed to hear!
    A great reward follows great pain!
    The deeper the wound…the greater the reward!!!
    Ah…I’ll patiently wait for the pain to pass….
    For I know the REWARD is coming!!!!

  3. Deep calls unto Deep … true indeed.
    I often think that the way these wounds have molded me,nothing on earth could ever be able to do that.So that’s how it turns out to be a blessing.

  4. Reblogged this on ChristianBlessings and commented:

    I thought of this scripture tonight and wanted to share this posting again. So many have been wounded very deeply… but they don’t know the extent of the blessings that God has planned. May God bless each of you exceedingly and abundantly!!

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