The Obedience of Mary…

it’s my thought for the day.
The obedience of Mary…
how many would have that today?

To hear from God…
with a specific instruction.
Knowing in man’s eyes…
it would be character destruction.

To be visited by an angel…
with a reply, “Thy Will be done.”
Knowing the penalties of that day…
possible stoned or at least shunned.

And how about her family…
how realistic did they believe.
To know their child was pregnant…
claiming miraculously conceived.

And how about her Joseph…
an honorable and just man.
To walk in obedience…
taking an already pregnant wife in hand.

This obedience is amazing…
with extreme levels of faith and trust.
For they are the blessed parents…
of Immanuel, meaning God is with us.

For this level of obedience,
God desires in all to see.
as we walk in total Faith with Him,
saying, Lord, whatever Thy will, will be.

Totally trusting God for every step…
trusting Him to provide and protect…
It’s this level of obedience…
walking in faith, not knowing what to expect.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2013

16 thoughts on “The Obedience of Mary…

  1. That kind of obedience takes courage. Many people think Mary was so meek and mild. What they don’t notice is that she didn’t fall down and had no fear when the angel appeared. Her relationship with God was so strong there was no fear or thought of self. There was only His will. Very few are “blessed among women” like that. That’s probably why God chose her to birth and parent Jesus.

    May God grant us all that kind of obedience. It’s especially needful for those of us who have been abused and are married. It takes that kind of courage to obey our husbands in the Lord and perceive that it’s not disobedient to love ourselves enough to walk away from abuse. I know. I thought I had to remain married to husband number one and never should have been until God showed me that there is more to His divorce approval than adultery. Abuse and abandonment are also spiritually and biblically valid reasons.

    • Amen… That level of obedience does take a tremendous amount of courage. I also believe that as more of us seek Him for guidance in our abusive relationships, He would tell us exactly what to do. I totally agree with you that there is more biblical valid reasons for divorce.. The Lord once gave me these words previously which I wrote a posting… “The 3 A’s of brokenness…Abuse, Abandonment and Adultery…I truly believe He will rescue more as we seek Him.

  2. The Christmas story is absolutely incredible in every detail. Even though I’ve trodden the Christian path of faith for 38 years the marvel of the virgin birth still hits me like a cricket ball to the forehead every year. Just lately I’ve been wondering how many Mum’s to be could have been like Mary? Not many (if any) – today they’d mainly check into an abortion clinic. Just at the right time Christ was born, awesome GOOD News.

    • Yes, God is absolutely amazing with the possibilities when walking in obedience with Him. I pray that more women will realize that God has a plan for each birth… a divine purpose for each child. Thanks for your support and many blessings to you, my friend!!

  3. Merry Christmas, SecretAngel. I share your post today. I always thank Mother Mary for being obedient to God and bringing the God made man into this world. Blessings. Perpetua.

  4. God prepares all for our salvation. We need to do is show up and this is often difficult to do.
    I will plan to read your book – after the New Year is under way. It must be very exciting to have a book on the marketplace and a store front and all. Thanks for working to bring about wholeness and peaceful serenity.
    Happy New Year Secret Angel.
    ~ Eric

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