He left His Shekinah Glory…
to humble Himself as Man.
Something no human could do…
and few humans can understand.

A Spirit of God…
dwelling on Heaven’s throne.
Then born to a virgin…
His destiny pre-known.

He gave up the Glory…
submitting to a human birth.
To live as we live…
humbly walking this earth.

So we honor His birth…
no matter what the day.
And declare Hallelujah!
No matter what others say!

For He became Man…
to show us the way.
So we can all overcome…
by keeping our eyes on Yahveh!

Though many are doubters…
not believing this Christmas story.
I know that following Christ…
is our Key to go Glory to Glory.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2013.

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