Alcohol Abuse: Pray for the Children

Spending time with my children…
nothing in this life compares.
Especially during holidays…
and feeling their love in the air…
But when they leave for their dad’s…
my concern for them ensues.
For we all witnessed his violence…
when celebrating and alcohol is used.
For a total lack of control…
occurs with alcohol consumption.
It’s like some people who drink…
have a total mental malfunction.
So though we’ve experienced abuse…
as mothers we can only warn and pray.
For our children have also been abused…
but they have to find their own way.
So Lord, direct their path
and protect them every day…
from all abuses of this world…
and even during each holiday.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2013

13 thoughts on “Alcohol Abuse: Pray for the Children

    • Amen… God has protected us over the years and my children have seen the abuse. They are now all of legal age to make their own decisions and I pray that they will not be “manipulated” into accepting behaviors that they knew were wrong. Thanks for your support!

      • Yes.. God has protected us and shown my kids right over wrong. However, we all have a choice and as our children get older, they have a choice in what is acceptable and what is not. I pray they choose righteousness… Thanks for your support!

    • Amen… Yes, I protected my children as they were growing up. Now, they are older and can make their own decisions. All are legally adults now with the youngest in college. I can only pray that God will keep them on the right path and protect them.

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  2. I do pray for children involved with Alcohol Abuse from parents it is not easy. I know, I lived it. I support anyone who can live through it all and come out the other side

    • Sounds like we have a lot in common. My ex drank almost everyday and got meaner with every drink. He never even realized that he had a problem. It was just easier for him to blame me and the children for everything than to admit that alcohol was a problem.

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