“Revolving Door Hearts”

As I prayed today…
these words came to me to say:

“Revolving Door Hearts”…
So Lord, where do I start?

Many hearts get broken…
by actions or words spoken.

These hearts get crushed…
when relationships get rushed.

Letting guards down…
or sharing “love” around.

Then hearts get harmed…
and rush into another’s arms.

But hearts shouldn’t seek more…
like a lover’s revolving door.

For these wounds are real…
and need time to heal.

Many relationships have begun…
before the healing is done.

But these wounds have to heal…
to avoid further ordeals.

For wounded hearts…
make for wounded starts.

So let God heal you…
and bring your true love too.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2014.

10 thoughts on ““Revolving Door Hearts”

  1. This poem represents words to live by and are truth.

    Lord, I pray that you help us heal so that true love can be revealed.

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