HE LIFTS US UP: Look to the Future, Not the Past (Isaiah 43:18-19)

Advice to all victims… Let go of the past and grab hold of the future!


Glazing at a reflection…
like looking into glass.
Realizing the rejection…
of things that didn’t last.
Anticipating the projection…
of the future, not the past.

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2 thoughts on “HE LIFTS US UP: Look to the Future, Not the Past (Isaiah 43:18-19)

  1. Thank you this is where I am today in life. I still cry at the reflection, the face not mine and the things taken from me. But I know they are not who I am now nor will they be who I am tomorrow. I look with anticipation of the blessings to come and hope for the same for others. Thank you for another reason to reflect and anticipate what is coming and all God is doing in my life.

    • Amen!! Praise God!! Your total healing is coming. God is doing a mighty work in you and I am just honored to be able to watch the transformation take place. May He continue to pour out His blessings onto you, my sister!!

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