Daily Prompt: My Book is The Walking Wounded by Secret Angel

The Walking Wounded: The Path from Brokenness to Wholeness by Secret Angel
For the Daily Prompt today, I will share about my own book, The Walking Wounded…ww book 2

As a former victim, Secret Angel represents the many nameless and faceless victims of abuse. No one can understand that feeling of being trapped and that feeling of hopelessness–unless they have lived it. Many people cannot understand how this can happen, but rest assured, victims never choose to be abused. They never want to be victims. They never want to live in fear…

Through this book, The Walking Wounded: The Path from Brokenness to Wholeness, more people will be able to understand about abuse and its devastating effects on its victims. Secret Angel reveals how these hidden wounds begin from childhood and intensify through stages of development, leading to cycles of abuse and victimization… until the cycle is broken. Each chapter includes Secret Angel’s true story as she walks through these stages of brokenness until she reaches a point of devastation then continues through her path of healing and restoration.

Now, as an over-comer of abuse and domestic violence, Secret Angel is reaching out to help others to also overcome their situations with information and inspiration to see THE LIGHT that led her out of a world of darkness filled with deception and various abuses. God rescued her from abuse when she was so broken that she did not even know that she was being abused. She wants to help others to join her on the path from brokenness to wholeness as she guides the readers though the stages of her own life.

Secret Angel has pledged the proceeds from her book to go to ministries to help victims of abuse.

The Walking Wounded is currently available on “The Walking Wounded Website” for eBook or pre-order at  http://www.thewalkingwounded.us/.

It is also available on  the Bush Publishing Website  at http://www.bushpublishing.com/bookstore/.

It will soon be available at Amazon.com.


13 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: My Book is The Walking Wounded by Secret Angel

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    • Thank you so much. I really appreciate your support. As soon as I get word that it is on Amazon, I will post a blog with all links to purchase it. Proceeds are pledged to help victims of abuse. I continue to pray that we will one day have Secret Angel Safe Houses around the world for victims of abuse. With God, all things are possible. Thanks again for your help and support.

  4. I so agree with what you say about “hidden words” from childhood making you vulnerable to abuse – either because they are abusive or because they are conditioning. i am beginning a series of posts on my blog about how to work to change your thought life so you can gradually erase the tape of abusive words and play a healthy life-affirming tape instead – its what i learnt to do and have helped others do as a mentor for a mental health charity over the years – vital vital lessons – i wish you well for your book – im sure it will reach and help many women

    • Thank you so much for our encouraging words. I totally understand what you are saying. My verse for this year is Romans 12:2, “do not conform to this world but transform by the renewing of your mind”. Yes, we have to erase those old abusive tapes and transform our mind with what God thinks of us… Totally change our thought processes.

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  6. I wish you well with the book and admire you for what you are doing to help others who are victims of abuse. Your choice of Romans 12:2 for a verse this year is wonderful, so fitting! God bless you!

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