National Stalking Awareness Month

National Stalking Awareness Month
has officially been declared!
Stalking needs to be understood
instead of telling victims not to be scared.

For many victims have been traumatized
and some live in heightened fear
triggered by any little sight or sound
of someone watching or following near.

But these stalkers are like predators
who secretly sneak around at night
never leaving much evidence
but triggering levels of fright.

For the victim knows the danger
and has experienced the violence.
And can’t help these recurring triggers
of someone stalking her in silence.

But many don’t believe
and others just don’t understand.
It’s easier to say she’s crazy
and this complaint she just planned.

For it’s the smallest thing she sees
or the slightest sound she may hear
that triggers the crying and shaking
and brings this heightened fear.

But these victims are not crazy
they see the warning signs
but many have not believed them.
and this month of awareness is now the time.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel,  2014.


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