BFF’s… A Message to Teens

Here is a message to all of my young friends out there. What better Friend can you have than the One who holds your entire futures in His Hands.

BFF’s… Best Friends Forever
We’ve all heard that term.
But how many were true friends…
with the friendship standing firm.
“Clicks” or groups in high school…
with many not fitting in.
Causing many teenagers pain,
as much bullying begins.
For who were once “best” friends,
turn around and walk away.
Leaving many teenagers broken,
by many actions and words they say.
And I know from experience,
this feeling of not fitting in…
But I now walk this path,
knowing God will always be my Friend.
He will never leave me!
Our friendship will never be forsaken!
Though other BFF’s failed me…
my friendship with God is never mistaken.
So you teens out there…
this message is for you.
Please trust God to help you…
for His Friendship is always True.
Let Him guide you.
Please trust Him with your life.
For He has great plans for you…
so let Him bring your friends and future husband or wife.


 “I no longer call you slaves, because a master doesn’t confide in his slaves. Now you are my friends, since I have told you everything the Father told me.” John 15:15

30 thoughts on “BFF’s… A Message to Teens

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  2. Great post! Thank you for the inspiration. Bullying contributed to so much hatred in my life before I surrendered to Yahweh through His Son. May your messages be heard by those who need them. Yahweh bless..

    • Amen… So many people fall victim to bullying at all ages and go down paths of brokenness. I know that I did and suffered the consequences. I pray that more will open their hearts to receive the Love of our Father, I praise Yahweh for what He has done for me and pray for many more to be rescued from the hands of the enemy in Yahshua’s Name. I thank you for your encouragement and pray many blessings to you!!

      • I don’t know what you would call it but God lead my children and I down a path of learning our Hebrew roots several years ago. We all followed the Jewish customs to learn, honoring the Sabbath and meeting with a Messianic Jewish group on Saturdays while attending a nondenominational church on Sundays. He had us walk this path for over a year then pulled us out. At home, we pray in His Most Holy Names… but when we are with nonbelievers or those who are not familiar with His Hebrew Names, we pray to God and Jesus. We have felt that we were to walk this path of each, to reach out to all wherever they may be in their belief. I did not know there was a Sscred Name Movement… I just followed as Yahweh led. This was probably about 4 or 5 years ago when we rarely ever heard His Most Holy Names used.

      • How interesting! I didn’t know there was such a thing either until Yahweh led me to them three years ago. I was searching for somewhere that taught all the true doctrines of the bible. I had since left the sunday churches in search for those who believe as I do. I was lead to Yahweh’s assembly in Yahshua.
        How long have you been on wordpress? Witness anywhere else?

      • I started this blog in May when I started a ministry to reach out to abuse victims. The information is on the top of my blog.I did not know that Yahweh’s Assembly in Yahshua existed. I will check it out. God is so amazing to lead His Children where He wants them to go.

      • I looked up Sacred Name Movement.. I did not know that it existed. I just try to walk in obedience to wherever Our Precious Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha-kodesh, leads me… I have found on the blog that I have a few Jewish followers so I am able to understand where they are coming from. I just pray for I am only His vessel for Him to use to touch whoever He wants. Many, many blessings coming your way!!

      • Please look into Being baptized in Yahshua’s name is essential to your path of repentance. Please feel free to email me at:

        I admire your methods in meeting people where they are. To proclaim the sacred names and educate them on their impatience is what we are taught to do.
        Have you read the entire Bible cover to cover?

      • Yes, I have been baptized in Yahshua’s Name and I have read the Bible cover to cover and have also had Torah readings and half-Torah readings. I went as Yahweh led me and I left as He led me. I try to do what He tells me to do and go where He tells me to go. He has pulled me out of churches and directs my path. I try to walk in obedience as I walk in Faith, being led by His Spirit. He has taught me that it is all about a relationship with Him, not any religion…

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  4. Is This A Friend

    i thought i saw you standing there
    from the corner of my eye.
    i thought i heard your voice
    telling all those lies.

    i thought when i met you
    that you was truely a friend
    and that you would be with me
    til the very end.

    then you started to hurt me
    with all your deceit and lies
    my heart was torn and crushed
    i felt that i would die.

    living life is hard enough
    especially when you lose that trust.

    you confide in a person
    all your inner most secrets and thoughts
    never knowing that their silence
    ‘had to be bought’.

    now your life is an open book
    for all the world to see
    for the one that you trusted most
    was full of hypocrisy.

    HENRY FORD once said
    ‘my best friend is the one who brings out
    the best in me’.
    but you! he did not see.

    and B.B. KING said ‘ the beautiful thing
    about learning, is no one can take it away from you.’
    and i found this to be true.

    so i shrug my shoulders and raise
    my head up high.

    for the learning expierience
    will outlive you and i.

    i will search again, for someone
    in who to confide.
    someone who will be there
    always at my side.

    louis rams :

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    • Thank you so much Sangita!! I will put a posting on my blog when I get them from the printer. For now, I have an eBook version on my website. I am praying that my books are finished printing soon. Thank you so much for your support.

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