Human/ Sex Trafficking Awareness!

Human/ Sex Trafficking Awareness!
This is a huge problem today.
It’s a modern-day  slavery…
capturing more victims every day.
More education is needed…
to be aware of warning signs.
Cause the problem is increasing…
with more people meeting on-line.
For these victims are being trapped…
they’re drugged, raped, & abused.
They become captive of sex rings
then exploited and sexually used.
And these “ring leaders”…
know exactly who they can trap.
They look for runaways kids
or even people they can kidnap.
They prey on the innocent…
especially with broken hearts.
Then trick them into bondage…
declaring a wonderful new life start.
And these victims are drugged
and beaten into submission…
then sold for sex daily,
subjected to disease transmission.
And many are only children…
who are taken from their family.
They are forced into sex acts…
and filmed for pornography.
So whoever thinks porn,
is an innocent little trade…
just think that many are victims,
forced when these pictures are made.
So everyone, including children…
beware of who you meet online.
Because many are deceitful…
and you never know what you will find.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2014.

Trafficking Hotline

For more information, please check out these sites:

15 thoughts on “Human/ Sex Trafficking Awareness!

  1. Thank you for standing up for children. If only people believed that it still goes on (actually is more prevalent now). Too many believe that we live in a “modern” age where no one experiences this anymore. And the other, ugly facet is that so many ARE children. No choice was made, no “sin” was entered into. They were taken.

    • Amen. I totally agree. I just breaks my heart to know that this huge problem exists and so many don’t know about it. Thanks for your encouragement and many blessings to you!

  2. (in the news) human trafficking and slavery

    something that should have gone out
    with the dark ages ‘still rages’.

    human trafficking and slavery for the almighty dollar
    and no one to hear the screams and hollers.

    young children being forced into prostitution
    and not one country with a solution.
    parents selling their children to get out of debt
    just to make ends meet
    a problem which they can not defeat.

    yet we classify ourselves as humane?
    now that’s a crying shame.

    if your mother or father was sold as a slave
    is that the road that you would pave?

    they steal the most precious things
    from these boys and girls.
    their innocence and their childhood
    and turn around and say it’s good!

    these people say that it’s too late
    and of no use, to try to stop this
    worldwide abuse.

    maybe it’s time for noahs ark
    to reappear, and instill in their hearts
    the almightys fear.

    but the LORD had done this once before
    and we had found another door.
    so i guess the solution is not
    just for the LORD to decide.

    but for all of humanity to see
    that this destruction has exceeded their realities.

    the LORD has to soften our hearts
    and weaken our minds
    in the hopes that we will find
    all the values we left behind.


    louis rams

    • Amen.. Beautiful… Yes Lord, soften hearts around the world that they will see what You see in the suffering of the innocent and reach out to help those in need…in Jesus Name. Amen.

  3. Human Trafficking (part two)


    the human trafficker sells your body, sells your soul
    they keep you under their control.
    to them you are just a piece of meat
    for humanity to sit and eat.

    the younger the victim the easier to control
    by the time they’re teens- their spirit is cold.
    no longer do they have the will to fight
    it’s become their way of life.

    they never had a childhood or a family to love
    or to even know what love’s about
    for their hearts and minds have been turned inside out.
    fear is the only thing they know
    and in their face it will show.

    many are bought and put on the streets
    if they don’t meet their quota – they don’t eat.
    then there are those who are sold privatly
    those are the ones that you never see.

    most are girls – but there are boys
    and they’re all used as sexual toys.
    we have to let all countries know
    human trafficking has got to go.

    (C) L. RAMS

    louis rams

    • Love this. I would like to make a posting with it if I can use it and give you credit. I am working on my 3rd one for the day and would use it on The Christian Gazette. Thanks

  4. These lines touched my heart “just think that many are victims,
    forced when these pictures are made.”
    If only people could think that their own relatives or loved ones could also be victimized, then they would never take a practical step towards pornography.

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