Child Prostitution: They are Victims, not Criminals

January is Sex Trafficking Awareness Month so I want to continue several postings on this topic. Children are being stolen and forced into sex slavery across this country. Many people do not pay attention until it affects someone in their own family. However, we have to realize that despite the sex acts that they are being forced to commit, they are only children. They are innocent victims. Forced into child prostitution where they are emotionally, physically, and sexually abused, these children are brainwashed or many drugged into submission. These pimps and traffickers are making large amounts of money with sex trafficking and prostitution. It is a growing problem every day as more children are tricked or kidnapped and forced into these prostitution rings. We all have to remember that these children are victims, not criminals.

Please join me in prayer for all of these victims …


15 thoughts on “Child Prostitution: They are Victims, not Criminals

  1. I’m so glad more and people are raising awareness of this horrific problem. Other than pray (which is obviously our first course of action for everything) what can we do about it?

    • I can tell you that if I could get to the New Jersey area, I would be volunteering for the many groups that are trying to find these victims right now. These pimps/ traffickers will be having their victims in hotels, motels, brothels, and on streets and even on the internet trying to sell bodies for sex. They will be looking for men. I pray that many Christian men in that huge NY/ New Jersey area would rally to come together and try to trick them and rescue these girls. There are organizations that do rescue missions. The FBI has programs. Christian and non-Christian organizations have programs. I really pray that a multitude of believers will pray and help to rescue these girls because this area will be saturated with these victims this weekend… Thanks for joining me in prayer…

    • Amen… Thanks for joining me in prayer for their rescue and laws to be changed to protect these children. As long as people think porn is innocent and buying sex is a person’s right, then this problem will continue to grow as this sex industry gets fed into by the general public. It’s a huge problem for us but we serve a BIG GOD… I pray for a miracle. Thanks again.

    • You are so right. Many of us who have been abused have been deceived into believing lies and it is the same for these unsuspecting victims. They get deceived into trusting these traffickers and pimps then suffer insurmountable consequences. Totally horrible and sickening. I have felt such an urgency to pray for these victims and I thank you for joining me in prayer. Many blessings to you!

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement. I really appreciate your support as I walk this path that God has placed me on this past year. Thanks again and many blessings to you.

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