Warning Signs of Sex Trafficking in Hotels

For the many who are traveling to the Super Bowl or even whenever you  travel, these are warning signs to watch for sex trafficking. Hotel and motel industry workers are being trained to watch for these warning signs, especially during this weekend for the Super Bowl where massive numbers are expected. Authorities are asking that everyone, including hotel/motel guests be aware of these warning signs and report any suspicious activity to hotel authorities who will contact police. These young girls are victims and need your help…

A trafficker or pimp may:
• Pay in cash
• Escort various men into his room and linger or watch the door until they leave
• Remove himself from operations by having adult females request rooms or pay the bills
• Not leave the victim alone
• Control all or most of the money and identification
• Speaks for the victim
• Requests rooms with access to exits
• Is seen with many young women, who exhibit signs of trafficking
• Uses inappropriate nicknames with the victim
• Waits while other men frequent the room
• Is distrustful of security personnel
• Does not let victim move freely on the property
Trafficking/victim interaction could include:
• Victim refers to trafficker as “Daddy”
• Trafficker uses derogatory slang
• Trafficker has openly threatens or physically assaults the victim
• Trafficker has inconsistencies in his stories
• Trafficker orders adjacent rooms
• Trafficker keeps late or unusual hours
• Little or no luggage or clothing
• Seems disoriented
• Does not speak freely
• Dresses inappropriately for their age or the weather
• Uses inappropriate sexual language for their age
• Is seen with many older men
• Wears clothing that is revealing or consists primarily of undergarments

Words to listen for:
• The Life
• The Game
• Bottom B****
• Bottom Girl
• Daddy
• John
• Track
• Turnout
• Square
• Trick

Any of the above warning signs that should immediately be reported to hotel management.



7 thoughts on “Warning Signs of Sex Trafficking in Hotels

  1. In many countries, the pimps and the patrons (“johns”) are the ones who get busted, as opposed to the prostitutes. I think this is good policy because the prostitutes are often more of a victim.

      • The prostitutes may not be totally “innocent,” but often they are controlled and bullied by the pimps, and they may not have enough money, skills, or friends and family to get out of the situation. Undoubtedly, some may have grown up as orphans, etc.

      • That is so true. Whatever the cause of prostitutes ending up “willfully” in that situation, it is the result of a brokenness that lead them down the wrong path. God’s grace and mercy is sufficient to cover all. He knows the depths of the wounds of our spirits and souls and loves the broken. He is the Key to overcoming everything. Thanks for your support and may God bless you!

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