New Name I Pray: The Rescue Bowl

The word for today is GROUP
and I was thinking of that today!
Get a group to watch the “big game”!
Then these words I heard Him say…

“You don’t need to watch the Bowl…
You need to be praying for their souls.”

So while many watch the game today…
I will sit back and pray.

John 15:19 For we are in this world…
but we are not of this world.

So no matter what this world will do…
I commit my life to honor You.

So no Super Bowl will be seen today…
as I will take that time to continue to pray.

I pray for a rescue of 10,000 souls…
and let this be called “The Rescue Bowl”.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2014.

Thanks to Eric at   for these videos:

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