God’s Love for Victims of Abuse (Psalm 147:3-6)

I had an experience this weekend, and I want to share with you. There is actually a difference when you have “head” knowledge and when you have “heart” knowledge of something. It suddenly becomes like a new revelation to you even if you knew it before… It is a feeling that you get like something was “downloaded” into your spirit. It kind of gives you a “wow” feeling…

Well, this weekend I was praying for victims of abuse and sex trafficking victims…

and then I thought of Psalm 147:3-6…

“He heals the brokenhearted
And binds up their wounds.
He counts the number of the stars;
He calls them all by name.
Great is our Lord, and mighty in power;
His understanding is infinite.
The Lord lifts up the humble;
He casts the wicked down to the ground”

As I prayed this, I got that “WOW” feeling. I could feel that overwhelming Love that God has for all victims of abuse. I felt right then that victims of abuse, whether men, women or children…all victims…have a special place in God’s heart. “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds”…He not only heals, He loves them deeply. “He counts the number of the stars and calls them all by name”… He knows where each victim is no matter where they are and calls each by name. No one is lost to Him. “His understanding is infinite”… He understands the brokenness that has led many of us to make wrong decisions and understands the depths of these wounds since we were born. There is nothing that we can do to negate His Love for us. His Love is unconditional… “The Lord lifts up the humble”… there is no one more humble than a victim of abuse who has been broken and wounded at the hands of others… “He casts the wicked down to the ground”… He knows each heart and whatever we sow, we will reap. However, God knows that He is not fighting flesh and blood but demonic forces in heavenly places. You see, even the abusers have been victims. The enemy is Satan who comes to kill, steal, and destroy whoever he can. But God… God waits for each of us with open arms awaiting for us to turn to Him.
I suddenly knew and could feel that deep, intense love that  God has for the abused and broken. You see, Jesus Christ humbled Himself to die on the Cross. He could have cast them all down and destroyed them all, but He chose to walk a path that many walk as we are subjected to the evils of man. He was beaten. His flesh was torn from His Body. He was humiliated. He was spat on. He was slapped. He was cursed. He was stripped naked in front of everyone. So even though many abuse victims feel like no one would understand, Jesus  understands. He understands the depths of their wounds and extent of their pain. Christ walked that path of being tormented and tortured by abusers. But He kept His eyes on His Father…and that is what we need to do too.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2014.

25 thoughts on “God’s Love for Victims of Abuse (Psalm 147:3-6)

  1. I love this about God. He has absolute power, but He uses it to lift up the broken and to humble the oppressor. Who else does that? Who else can handle having that much power and not be corrupted by it? Who else lays aside such power and subjects themselves to abuse for the sake of others? What a beautiful, healing insight! May it continue to percolate from our heads to our hearts, and may it keep our eyes on Him while we wait for Him to make our wrongs right.

    • Amen… Yes, keep our eyes on Him. He is the Key! Thank you so much Tiffany for your insightful addition. I really appreciate your support. Many God pour out His blessing upon you, my sister!!

  2. Yes, all powerful God who created humankind never sleeps or slumbers to watch over all to protect from the dark forces ruling the Earth.

    My prayer today is that we wound use the spiritual weapons of warfare given to us by God who defeated death, hell and the grave to win in life!

    • Amen… The blessings and curses are also on each from previous generations and these generational curses have to be broken off in Jesus’ Name. Spiritual warfare is essential to overcoming…

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  4. Reblogged this on Hunt FOR Truth on wordpress and commented:
    Whenever moving beyond what we did hate and what we could never want there is the tempter to pull our attention, our too-active minds, always back onto the ugliness — and yet, there is always too Divine Loving God hand held firmly out awaiting our joining with Him in stillness. You know how well I know this probably by how I post on mindfulness. The ego is a fixer of problems – it couldn’t care less if we are doing God’s Will or not. It is a bio-mechanical link to divinity when we seek to be love, tolerance, acceptance, caring, compassionate, courteous, patient, kind – and that same divinity is there for us when we stand out and call out for help to shelter the poor and to protect the victims or to bring legal action upon the perpetrators. We are lovers of humanity. It is not unfair that we do our best. It is not unfair that we live by the highest wholesome standard knowing that the enemy of temptation is riding in false glory on many streets as though in a parade with cheering crowds. Time and again our Lord did bring us to se that our love for humanity is righteous only when we are willing to let be what we are not given to control. We have a voice and it is not unfair that our number is small. Our voice is powered m by God almighty!
    Please keep doing your God given work my young friend.
    ~ Eric

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