STALKING: 10 Things to Do When an Abuser Ignores Your NO

This is excellent advice from Diana Rasmussen. From experience, we can both tell you that being stalked is very frightening. Abuse is all about control and manipulation, and abusers never want to give up control even with a restraining order telling them to leave you alone. I thought it was so romantic when I was told the very first night that I met my “future husband and abuser” that he knew so much about me… and had always wanted to meet me… Wrong!! It is not romantic if someone has been keeping tabs on you from a distance. This should be a Big Red Warning Sign to anyone!!!

10 Things to Do When an Abuser Ignores Your NO (via Prayers and Promises)

I have recently been reminded of the fear that returns when you are being stalked.  This is part of my story that I haven’t shared yet.  After separating from an Abuser it is the most dangerous time for a woman who has been in an abusive relationship…

8 thoughts on “STALKING: 10 Things to Do When an Abuser Ignores Your NO

  1. It’s awful to live thru. Been thru it twice. The second guy turn up again 20 years later. Got my cell phone number. Figured out where I worked. Texted me non-stop telling me he was in the area. Thankfully he stopped when I threatened to call the police and his employer since he’d used the employer’s database to get my number. He finally stopped.

    • Hi Christine… Yes, it is not easy to go through. I can’t even imagine going through it twice. But now I know that God is always there to protect his children. I am so glad that you stood up to him and he stopped. I really appreciate your encouraging support. May God bless you, my friend.

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