Broken Hearts… Occur in Life

Broken hearts...
occur in life.
With many relationships…
like husband and wife.

It may be others…
like son and mother,
daughter and father,
or even sister and brother.

So many things happen
when conflicts occur.
Then hearts get broken…
when opinions differ.

Or maybe a boundary,
that shouldn’t be crossed,
caused deep wounds
with a heavy cost.

For actions and words,
cut like a knife…
causing deep wounds,
with events in this life.

Abuse, adultery,
abandonment, and more.
Destroying relationships,
like never before.

And these wounds are deep,
to spirits and souls.
Affecting many lives…
with a heavy toll.

So quit being selfish,
and treat all with respect.
Stay within boundaries…
it’s what we should all expect.

ย โ€œHere is a simple, rule-of-thumb guide for behavior: Ask yourself what you want people to do for you, then grab the initiative and do it for them.” Matthew 7:12 (The Message)

ยฉ Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2014.

14 thoughts on “Broken Hearts… Occur in Life

  1. A simple idea that could change abuse, neglect, poverty, hatred, evil. I like the translation you used, “grab the initiative.” Don’t wait for others to change, we need to lead the way. Even in the face of those who abuse. Only by God, only through Jesus.

    • Thank you so much Matthew! I had that “wow” affect when I read that translation yesterday. Yes, it would definitely change the world if we all took the initiative to make a difference instead of waiting on others…and all things are possible with God. Thanks again for your support. May God bless you my friend.

    • Hi Juan… God knows all my friend and is watching over you constantly. He knows all the pain that you are going through with your daughter and your “friend”. It is in this brokenness that we grab hold of God when it seems that we have nothing left. He rescued me and I know that He will help you and many more. Many blessing to you, my friend. Praying for you!!

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