HE LIFTS US UP: A Song of Deception… A Stranger in My House

Many of us have dealt with deception in our relationships including adultery, pornography, and all of the abuses that are hidden behind closed doors. But God is not deceived. He sees it all…


These words about deception ring in my spirit today as I was asked, “How do you know if someone really wants to change and save a marriage.” My response was, only God knows the truth. Seek Him and He will let you know as you draw near to Him…

As these days progress, more and more deception is coming our way. “Be not deceived” was a warning from God. The only way to not be deceived, is the Spirit of Truth within you…so reach for the Lord for He sent His Holy Spirit to be our Guide… I pray that hearts will be opened to receive His warning….

When we were young, so innocent and pure,
I thought our love would forever endure.
I totally trusted and in him believed.
Never expecting to be totally deceived.

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4 thoughts on “HE LIFTS US UP: A Song of Deception… A Stranger in My House

  1. Great reminder. Been hearing this message a lot of late. Truth IS the defense against deception. It’s crazy to think how much time I’ve spent deceived in my life- not regretting because it’s part of my journey- but I know better now, so I try to do better. For me, it’s studying and learning God’s Word and seeking Him. AND, listening to what He says. I’m a serious work in progress… But one step and then another!

    • Thank you so much for your comment. It sounds like you are talking about my life. I would love for you to read my book. Deception is devastating…especially when you are the honest one believing the lies. Yes, Truth is the defense. I thank God that He knew the truth and rescued me and revealed the truth. I am also a continued “work in progress”, Many blessings to you, my sister.

      • I’m glad He rescued you too- spreading the word like you do is a great thing. Sooooooo not a big reader- shamefully I admit! I hope to obtain some of your wisdom here. I really hope that book reaches the people in need- God’s hand on it, it will!!

      • Amen.. Thank you so much. I appreciate your prayers and support. I repeatedly put bits and pieces of what is in the book on my blog… like the song of deception. So many are deceived… but God is never and that is why it is so important to hold onto Him. Many blessings to you, my sister!!

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