God Can Always Be Trusted

Everyday, more and more people are victimized and  wounded by abuse, adultery, and abandonment. So many people lash out in uncontrolled anger and many manipulate others with their lies and deceit that is hidden from their victims. But God knows all. Nothing is hidden from Him. He knows what is in each heart. He knows who will change and who will continue to abuse or lie and cheat. He also heals and He restores. He collects your tears and feels your pain. And only He knows your future and what lies ahead on the path that you are on. Trust Him to guide you through the brokenness and into the beautiful future that He has planned for you. Few can be trusted for we all live in a fallen world. But God can always be trusted…

27 thoughts on “God Can Always Be Trusted

  1. It’s such a scary world that we live in, made all the more terrifying when we experience betrayal at the hands of those we most trusted. Abuse makes us feel like we can never trust anyone again, and yet in total isolation, our souls shrivel within us. Being able to trust God, knowing that He could see the things that I couldn’t, is what held me together when I felt my whole world falling apart. Thanks for pointing us to the Life Raft in a sea of deception and vulnerability.

    • Thank you so much Tiffany for your confirming and encouraging words. Yes, it makes us feel that we can never trust again when we are horribly betrayed. But God… He was my Life Raft too when my whole world fell apart. He was the Only One that I knew that I could trust. And as I cried out in my brokenness, He started revealing Himself and truths to me. He started showing me what had been hidden from me for years…and the Truth shall set us free. Thanks Tiffany!! I really appreciate your support.

  2. Another super post! Nothing escapes God’s notice…and no hurt will be unfixed by Him for those who love Him.

    AND…no sin will go unpunished for the unfaithful in that last day. As Christians we can be assured of that fact!


    • Amen. I know that we serve an awesome God and I know that what God did for me, He can and will do for many more who turn to HIm. All we can do is pray that more will be saved and develop a personal relationship with Him. I really appreciate your support and encouragement. Many blessings to you, Steven.

      • And I thank you for your visits and comments! As “MustardSeed” said to me earlier, we all need to help each other here ay WordPress and in the world…

        Steven 🙂

      • I really appreciate your support very much…it means so much to a “starter” like me!


      • Hi Steven. I totally understand. I started last May and I am still learning. I really appreciate your support as well. I really like your blog and join you in prayer for all.

      • You are a good friend in the faith! I wish you well in getting the most important message of salvation out to others. Many will reject it, but you never know who may be persuaded.

        If even one person’s thinking is challenged or changed, that’s a victory! Good luck as you continue on…


      • Thank you so much Steven for your encouragement. I know that God has called me to do this and I pray that He will touch hearts, not only on the blog but also with my book. He is the Key to every obstacle that this life throws at us. I pray that many more will realize this and turn to Him. Blessings to you my friend.

      • Our government and our nation needs to understand the fact that God, and God alone, is the “Key” to resolving some of our greatest problems.

        America’s founding fathers said that of our heavenly Father many years ago! Anyway, I’ll get off the political soapbox for now…

        Keep up your good work and I’ll keep reading!


      • Thanks, Angel. I have opinions about the politicians and lawmakers which are not very favorable. Most of them have no Godliness in their lives, and only care about themselves and their positions in life.

        It’s understandable to look after these things, of course. But they can’t become the primary focus of our lives. God has promised we’ll have the things we need if we keep Him at the “top of the list.” I have to trust in that promise…

        And I thank you for your support too. We’ll stay in close touch I’m sure!

        Steven 🙂

      • I totally agree with all that you said. I have had to trust God in all matters, even the political arena. I know that He is in control and many top leading officials of this country are playing right into Satan’s hands.. but God has said that everything that can be shaken, will be shaken. I have to hold onto Him to take care of me no matter what I see happening around me and my children. I actually try to avoid FB because of all the negative because I want to keep my eyes on God, not the world, for He is the Key to overcoming everything happening now and in the future. It is a major “Faith Walk” that is needed from all of us now as “the birth pains” get stronger and stronger around us. Thanks again for your support…

      • And I cannot add anything more to what you’ve said here. We agree on many things, I do believe.

        Certainly in these final days, as it has always been, this is our Father’s world…and He is in control. His will is done on a “higher plain” than we can know or understand.

        At the end of all things, we who trust and believe will be rewarded for doing so. In the face of any and all danger, we rest in the faith and trust in the promises He has made!

        We will continue to support each other as we work to spread the good news of God in Christ Jesus…

        Enjoy your day and make it really count!


      • I really love hearing from you, Angel! You have a very positive outlook about you and your faith comes through in that energy!

        Have a great and enjoyable day and we’ll be talking soon.


      • Thank you Steven but I can only praise God for what He has done for me. There are steps of faith and I have been climbing those steps with Him. Have a great day, my friend.

      • This is true with all who grow in the faith of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We climb and grow a bit at a time and according to the will of God.

        Yes, to Him be the power and glory forever…Amen!

        Press on dear sister, be encouraged in your work…


      • I always think about the question…what if God was the most powerful force for “evil” in existence. What a terrible world and everlasting future we’d have!

        I am so thankful He is the very definition of good and is perfectly trustworthy…

        And thank you for your support, Angel!


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