Demonic Strongholds

Many of us fight battles of abuse or illness everyday and can’t seem to overcome these problems. Sometimes we need to take a look at what may be causing our continued problems in certain areas. I wrote this weeks ago and had it scheduled to post, then I heard a message on this yesterday. Are you having problems with anger, lust, unforgiveness, bitterness or many of the other issues that many deal with? Think about where our difficulties may be coming from. It’s not from God.

Demonic strongholds… was the word that I heard. But so many don’t believe… and think that it’s absurd. How can a battle be fought… that we can’t even see. How can these struggles occur… when we think we’re already free. But that is the problem… do you really feel free? Or are you feeling bound… by something you can’t see? Are you held by illness… always sick and needy? And what gave it to you… a spirit of infirmity? Are you walking in darkness… always down and depressed? Could it be strongholds… keeping you oppressed? Now think about it… there’s so much that we can’t see. So we pray to You, Lord… break those chains so we can be free.

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20 thoughts on “Demonic Strongholds

      • I believe folks confuse “Jesus is love” with not applying what He did when faced with demons: He cast them out, he did not play with them, but released and set the captives free. When you look at someone being abused or the abuser, that’s not natural and if you stand by without exercising your authority as a believer to deliver them, their blood is upon your hands. We need to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to teach us to be effective in this walk. It is a warfare. VW. Sorry for going on a soapbox, but I see too much advantage of innocent folks and Christians fold their hands and say, Jesus loves you.

      • Amen. I totally understand what you are saying. You are so right. Jesus did not play with them at all. He told them to leave. My life and the lives of my children changed when we learned about spiritual warfare. Many “Christians” thought I was crazy because I was trying to share what had been revealed to me, even my children… then God started showing my children. We have to realize that we are not fighting against flesh and blood. This is a spiritual battle and we have to learn that we have authority in Jesus name. Once more victims realize this, their lives will be forever changed. I love your comments. I really appreciate you joining with me in prayer for all victims and even the abusers

      • I do it because as one beloved preacher said, God is unable to act effectively in our situation when we refrain from exercising our authority which He has given us instead of saying “God do this, God do that” how about going into agreement WITH God and incorporate what He has already done?
        Blessings in Jesus name. VW

  1. Amen, so true. So many never realize how Satan is working and creating strongholds because we have ALLOWED him to. The Bible says do not give place to the devil. There is a sprititual battle always raging!

    • Amen… So many do not realize that we do not fight against flesh and blood. When they realize that this spiritual battle is raging and how to put on their Armor of God to fight, their lives will be so much better…for He who is in us, is Greater than he who is in the world. Bless you, my friend.

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