The Brokenness of Betrayal

The brokenness of betrayal…
with wounds that are deep.
Infidelity, pornography…
it’s their wounds that I speak.
So much is ignored,
and felt to be no big deal.
Till you are the victim…
and struggling to heal.

How many commit adultery…
with emotional and sexual affairs?
Not thinking of the destruction…
of the family and those who really care.
How many have no concept…
of the pains that infidelity cause.
and think that it is no problem…
cause they aren’t breaking “man’s” laws.

But the attitude is different…
when it happens to them.
And the shoe is on the other foot,
and they are victims of this sin.
Infidelity or adultery…
whatever you want to call this act.
Causes deep wounds to its victims…
and the brokenness of betrayal is a fact.

How can you trust someone again…
who has totally destroyed your trust.
How can you believe in your spouse again…
when these things in marriage is a must.
Well this is the advice that I give…
for this brokenness I know well.
For healing and restoration will come…
when in His Presence we dwell.

God wants us to trust Him…
with every aspect of our being.
For He is the Key to overcoming…
with restoration and healing.
But we have to forgive…
and just trust God with our life.
Because only He knows our future…
and if we should remain man and wife.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2014.

34 thoughts on “The Brokenness of Betrayal

  1. Tho I’m not religious, I am spiritual, & I loathe porn- it killed my spirit as a child – it causes nothing but pain, and is just as unfaithful as cheating physically I believe. I absolutely love to see someone else say things I feel && in such a beautiful poem – Uve touched my soul with this one. Thank u. ❤

    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words. And I am so glad that this poem touched you. I totally agree with you about porn. It is not innocent as so many want to believe. It is destructive. I am so sorry that these painful wounds occurred to you as a child. I pray that more eyes will open to see the dangers of porn and the lives that sexual immorality destroys. Thanks again and many blessings to you!

  2. Betrayal, be it through sexual infidelity or other issues involving trust like a parent who was supposed to be safe yet wound up wounding, can be difficult to overcome and emotionally reconcile so the person can move forward in his or her life. Knowing that forgiveness is a key to that kind of wounding and actually being able to forgive can be two separate issues. Sometimes, that kind of forgiveness is emotionally impossible to extend without God’s help. I pray all reading this comment will turn to God for that help because I am living proof that forgiving an abuser indeed frees the person to move forward in life.

    Please visit our blog for some spiritual coping tools to help you break free from betrayal and other challenges you may face.

    • Amen. You are so right. Betrayal is difficult to overcome and forgiveness to that degree may take a miraculous intervention on God’s part. Those wounds are so deep. I join you in prayer for all who have been betrayed and wounded… that they will turn to God and allow Him to lead the way, moving forward into their future. Blessings to you Pastors George and Sharon. I truly appreciate your support and words of wisdom that you share.

  3. Once again, ouch, wow, good, truth, amazing. As someone who was a victim, and unfaithful, I want to say again, there is only freedom from this in Jesus, in His forgiving power, His power to break the sin of addiction, His love to heal all wounds.

    • Amen… He is the Key!! He heals the brokenhearted and binds up all their wounds. He sets the captives free… Our freedom can only truly come from Him. When we realize this Truth, nothing in this world can affect us as we will walk with Him and the Power of the Holy Spirit within us.. Many, many blessings to you Matthew.

    • AMEN… You are so right. He is the only One who will never leave you or forsake you. He will never hurt you. Once we realize this, we have taken a huge step toward overcoming. He is the Key!!

    • Hi Melanie! I am so glad that you liked my poem and that it brought out another layer of pain for healing to occur. I am so sorry that you have been wounded by the addictions of your spouse. I know that healing comes in layers like an onion, so I pray for more healing to down to the core of your soul and spirit so that you will be whole. May God pour out His blessings onto you and your family…

  4. This a powerful statement of truth. Would we want to be treated the way we are treating others? Somehow though this despicable sin seems so much more egregious than, in human terms, normal sin. How can we violate a lifetime of honor for a moments pleasure?

    • Amen. I understand what you are saying. I have never been able to understand that other than the enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy.,,and he will go after the weakest link. He is wanting to destroy marriages and entire families. We all have to be strong and steadfast in our faith, holding onto Christ who is the Key to overcoming all of these things in life. The temptations of sin will always be here… and we will only be able to endure all with God’s help to strengthen us. Thanks for your support and many blessings to you!!

  5. Many are in need of the healing touch of the Master. I’ve seen first hand the devestation that this form of betrayal causes in my friends and family.

    • Amen. You are so right. Many families have been destroyed by this betrayal and Satan continues to try to destroy more and more. So many are wounded and in need of healing and deliverance and I cry out to God for a mighty move to turn hearts to Him. He heals and He restores. I pray that more will come to know that and hold onto Him. Thanks for your support and many blessings to you, Tony!

  6. Great material; it got me thinking, questioning really; I know i have my weaknesses and I ask myself if I had a spouse who did me wrong and got to a point of wanting to change his manner if I would want to take hold of the olive branch or just be dogmatic and condemn them because of this action. I just wonder if the gift of forgiveness if dealt with grace and renouncing of the cause of the sin can effect able reconciliation in marraiges today. Just curious. VW

    • I can only tell you from my own experiences. I was deeply wounded by my spouse’s betrayal. In my brokenness, I grabbed hold of God for my life, knowing that He would never leave me or forsake me. I loved my spouse, despite many abuses, and forgave him and wanted to save our family. My conditions were that he would put God first in our relationship and turn from his abusive ways. But I was deceived again and God had to tell me that he would never change and would hurt me again before I let go of the hope of God bringing restoration to my family. So yes, forgiveness, grace and mercy and true repentance can save a marriage… but only God knows what is truly in each heart so we all need to seek a personal relationship with Him and allow Him to lead us into our future where some marriages will be saved and some will not…

  7. I too have been the abused; the one that was cheated on. I put my faith in God, and years later, still my life is healing in some way, but I am filled by the grace of God, I am loved, I am happy and tremendously blessed through every day and every challenge that meets me.

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