Have You Ever Felt Trapped?

Have you ever felt trapped…
and in a total bind.
And can’t see a way out…
not forward or behind.
Then a sudden change…
or a whispering thought.
Leads the way out…
or the answers you sought.
For God knows our dilemma…
and the troubles we face.
And He wants to help…
with His Mercy and Grace.
But so many fail…
to seek His advice first.
Till they faced with hardships…
like abuse, or hunger and thirst.
So seek His guidance…
in every step you take.
Then you won’t be trapped…
in the decisions that you make.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2014.

14 thoughts on “Have You Ever Felt Trapped?

  1. Wow… This poem applies to my personal life 100% tonight. Thank you for sharing this. I’m in a transitional period in my young life where decisions must be made and changes will happen. Thank you, dear one! 🙂
    I am most definitely asking God to open my eyes that I may see which way to go.

    • Amen. God bless you, sweet Amanda. Keep your eyes on Him and He will guide you. I was much older and so broken when my life crumbled and I could not see that God was leading me. Then one day as I prayed for Him to guide my path, He sent 3 white birds over my vehicle that flew directly in front of me as I drove down the road to my house. He showed me that He was leading me. Trust Him. Just look for the signs and listen for His guidance. He wants to set us free where we are “caged no more.”

  2. I felt alone and broken I was 16 years old with a baby from a guy who thought he was god, but I left him with my son and he tried to kill me, but I know I had to protect my son. I found the strength and love to fight for me and my baby I got my G.E.D went to college and become a NYC police officer. And I was only 21 years old when my life total change for me and my baby and all this time I know god held my hand for my strength and the love of my mother show me true love. And now my ex stalks me angry that I made it without child support or him, and me and my son have no contact with him. I learn the true meaning of GOD love.

    • Amen… Yes, God will make a way. He will give us the strength and support that we need to carry on. Though we don’t understand sometimes why we go through such traumas, God will use it for our good. There is a reason that you are a NYC police officer and being stalked. I was stalked and threatened by my ex who was a former police officer, but he had all of his friends and former coworkers believing that I was the trouble maker. I was told to “leave him alone and get on with my life.” You are in a position to help many women since you understand both sides of this issue. I pray for God to use you in a mighty way to help the many victims of abuse and stalking. God bless you, my friend.

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