Abused and Bullied? You are Stronger Than You Think


Abused and Bullied…
with no help in sight.
While others watched…
knowing it was not right.
No one to help…
even though they all knew.
Leaving you to suffer…
with accusations not true.
But that was then…
and this is now.
You survived the abuse…
and resurfaced somehow.
But the abuser tries again…
with intimidation attempts.
But this time you are armed…
with God and others at your defense.
For from our brokenness…
we will arise again.
And we will be stronger…
when any new attacks begin.
For an abuser and bully…
never wants you to succeed.
And many will continue…
with their negative deeds.
But we are stronger that we think…
because overcoming was a must.
And if God be for us…
who can be against us.
So as the abuser stares…
like a stalker in the night.
Know that God is with us…
and alone we no longer fight.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2014.

Photo by http://www.goodlightscraps.com

10 thoughts on “Abused and Bullied? You are Stronger Than You Think

  1. Great word!!
    As I read your post I felt like I was reading a short summary of my life. As a child I was abused but no one helped! Relatives knew, friends knew,.neighbors knew and even saw but no one did anything!!!
    The were silent. I didn’t know God then so I was alone! With no one to turn to.
    But it is different now!! God is with me. He has made me stronger like you said. Even as I had to deal with the effects of physical and verbal abuse God was with me! He helped me and helps me….

    God is with us and alone we no longer fight!!!

    So true! Thanks for writing this.


    • Thank you Rolain. It happens again and again that many see the abuse but no one wants to speak up to defend the victim. I thank God that He knows the truth and nothing is hidden from Him. He is our vindicator. He is our rescuer. I pray that more will come to know that He is with us and will fight for us as we seek Him and call out to Him. Thanks for your support, my friend. 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed this post. Being bullied is never fun. Sometimes the damage can last for many years, but after we get through it, we are stronger. We develop qualities that we may not have possessed. We have a new sense of self-worth and we are more likely to stick up for others who might be bullied. I am thankful that my experiences with bullying has left me stronger. Thanks for the post.

    • Yes, being bullied is not fun and it is not fair. But all that we go through will make us stronger. God will help us overcome and then use us to help others. Thanks for your support and many blessings to you!

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