Broken Promises

For those who have been hurt by broken promises… remember God never breaks a promise. His Word is Truth! He will never leave us or forsake us. We can always count on Him!!

Broken promises…
are the words that just came to me.
As I think of my children…
and their dad’s promises to the 3.
For I saw the disappointment…
on one’s face again today.
As he spoke about a promise…
and his dad denied its say.
Again and again…
words spoken are denied.
Many broken promises…
with disappointment children can’t hide.
For a father’s promise…
is one that should be met.
Not denied again and again…
under the rug it’s always swept.
But how can parents do this…
always letting their children down.
Making many promises…
then turning their words around.
But I praise our Heavenly Father…
Whose promises are always true.
He will never fail His children…
and that includes me and you.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2014.


28 thoughts on “Broken Promises

  1. I realized today this is a mother’s pain…to see our children face disappointment that we know is inevitable, even though we hope for change…beautiful poem

    • Yes, all we can do is hope and pray for change… but only God knows who will change and when. However, God is the same yesterday, today, and always so the best that we can do as mothers is to teach our children to hold onto Him because He will never disappoint them… He is the Key to overcoming all that life throws at us and our children. God bless you, my sister!

    • Thank you so much for your prayers. You are a blessing! I can relate to so much of your story because I have been there. A big difference, my ex did not want to change. I have so much hope for you and your husband. I pray that God will move expediently to heal you and bring restoration.

      • My husband is a scary person…he is good at pretending. whatever anyone wants to see he is good at preforming. So I walk the great trepidation through this “restoration” process. Last night was horrible…I felt like I was going to loose my mind…I’m sure I’ve had a few break downs…it’s like it’s not even me.

      • I can totally relate to what you are saying. I would love for you to read my book. I have walked that same path of brokenness that you are walking. Only God knows if your husband will change. I sounds like there are too many triggers there for you to move on. Have you ever asked your husband to move from there to start a new life for your family. It would move you from the hospital, from the mistress and you may know if he is really wanting to put you first to save your marriage. Pray about this and seek God’s guidance about it. Praying for you, my sister!

      • You wrote a book? what is the name of it? I honestly think about you during the day and pray for you even thought I don’t know you… and am so thankful for you and your encouraging words. My husband is looking for a new job…he is willing to move…but I don’t want to move. We have an amazing counselor and church right now and I think moving would only push my depression over edge…the financial aspect would also add more stress and push me further over the edge. I am praying the Lord opens a door for a new job cause I don’t like that he is so close to her and that I have to wonder if I will see her 5 days out of the week…it’s bad enough wondering when I will finally end up bumping into her in town…is it bad that I kind of want to? I have been praying that it would happen when the Lord has prepared me and that he would put a reaction in me that would be totally beyond human nature that she would be stamped with eternity and the profound workings of God in a willing heart…I’m praying for a radical encounter by the Power of the Holy Spirit working in and through my life.

      • I understand your depression and your reluctance to move. I prayed from the time my ex’s adultery was revealed and our marriage fell apart that God would heal me, change us and restore us as a family, and to bring Peace back into my life. I was so broken that I could not even realize how much he had abused me. I lived in turmoil day after day and could not understand it. A spiritual battle was being fought over me and my children that I was not aware of as I turned to God who was the only One that I could trust. I changed to a “spirit-filled” church and had many praying for me and my children. I had many friends in the area but his family and the “strongholds” there were so powerful. My healing did not come till my children and I moved from the area. All of my story and what God did for me is in my book, The Walking Wounded by Secret Angel. I received a message to move (see my mothers day message) and the door opened for a new job. God answered my prayers but not the way that I wanted Him to. I had to totally submit to His will and walk in obedience to what He told me to do. You have got to totally trust Him. He knows your future. He knows your pain and the depths of your wounds. He heals and restores… but we have to be willing to do whatever He tells us to do. Remember, we do not fight against flesh and blood. You are in a battle my sister. Seek God for your answers and be willing to walk in obedience. Remember, only He knows your future. I will be praying for God to speak loud and clear to you and your husband.

      • Praying for you, my sweet sister. I feel your pain! Hang onto God and don’t let go! I pray for Him to move expediently to help you… Sending ((Love and Hugs)) your way!!!!

      • Praying for you now!! I can feel God’s Presence as I pray for you. I pray that you can feel His Love and comforting Peace like never before. Please feel free to email me. God loves you so much! I feel it. May He pour His blessings onto you, my sweet sister!!!

      • I don’t know how to email you…I’m very new to the blogging world so I don’t know how to find that info. Thank you for your prayers…I would like to email you as things are heavy on my heart right now…I’m amazed that you were praying for me…my husband and I are not getting along right now…because I feel he has crossed professional boundaries with a woman at work and he’s very defensive about that.

  2. thank you for the message, “the broken promises”. So many people had been truely hurt with promises without fulfilment. One thing I keep on telling people is that, don’t promise somebody what you cannot give. A man promise gave me some money to start up a new buisness. Now is up to 4 years now no fulfilment. It could kil.

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