“Yo-Yo Love” and The Broken

This is for those who have been broken by abuse and adultery. Many people don’t understand unless they have walked that path. The brokenness is real. The wounds are deep. But God sees all of our wounds and He heals and restores. Hold onto Him and allow Him to guide you through the pain and darkness into your future.

“Yo-Yo Love”…
was a term that came to me.
As I thought of relationships…
and how some seem to be.

For the word “love”…
draws many victims in…
then they get pushed away…
as the “love” comes to an end.

And many manipulate others…
like a “yo-yo” on a string…
Repeatedly pulling victims to them…
then throwing them away again.

Depending on their lust…
and who they want that day.
“Love” gets tossed around…
like a cheap word to say.

But true “Love” won’t hurt…
and will never let eyes stray…
much less be like a “yo-yo”…
pulling hearts then pushing away.

For many are broken…
by adultery and other abuse.
For they are treated like “yo-yo’s”
like a toy that can be misused.

But that was not God’s intent…
and definitely not His plan.
 For deep wounds are caused…
that many don’t understand.

So “Love” your spouse…
and be true to their heart.
For this “yo-yo” love…
will only tear them apart.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2014.

34 thoughts on ““Yo-Yo Love” and The Broken

  1. People do not know unless they have experienced it. I didn’t understand it until I processed it. I didn’t understand the pain of divorce and the acceptance of not being able to keep a marriage in tact until I went through it. I thank you for being a person of faith who does not judge others and who brings them light instead with your words.

    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words. You are so right. Until someone walks that path of brokenness after a failed relationship or marriage, they do not understand. The wounds from this are very deep and very real… but God sees them. He knows what we have all gone through and He will be the One to Judge those who hurt us… and why. He knows what is in each heart. May God bless you, my friend!

  2. Another well done post, Angel! You do have a lot of loving care to give through your Godly gifts to many kinds of broken souls! I admire the work you do, but by now, I hope you know that much!

    Be a blessing to someone today…I know you will!
    Steve 🙂

      • As you are to me, Angel! What’s more, you seek each day to help others in need with the help of God Almighty!

        Your blessings from that endeavor should fulfill you and be of great help and appreciation to those who contact you and receive hope through your efforts!

        Enjoy your day, Angel, and maybe we’ll talk again later. (And thank you for spending so much time looking over the website last night. I hope you found some things which were helpful to you…)

        May the Lord bless and keep you and yours,
        Steve 🙂

      • You are a blessing to all you follow you and hear your words of wisdom from the Lord. Continue to be strong in the Lord, my brother for you are planting seeds of faith that will grow in others. God bless you!!

      • We sow the seeds, that’s our Christian duty. God gives the increase.

        I’m sure you will never know the number of hearts you touch and lives you may have a hand in changing through your work in the Lord!

        You can be courageous, but be vigilant at the same time. Make a difference today, Angel…


      • I pray that many hearts will be touched by the work of our hands by the Power of the Holy Spirit who uses us every day as we both proclaim… “Use us Lord!” Blessings to you, my brother!

      • Absolutely, Angel. When you look around this world and see so much crime, and hatred, and abuse, etc. it’s apparent that the evil one is really doing his job!

        How sad…

        We have to hope for the best with people, but many will not listen, no matter what. I can’t understand that kind of mindset myself.

        But we must go out and continue to do what we do. We will be taken care of by the Lord come that final day!

        Bless you every day, my dear!


  3. I think sometimes if you have felt a very deep and profound love for your partner and then you lose them, for whatever reason, it can feel shattering, and you have to experience that to understand how completely all consuming it can be, but out of it comes a re-configuration if you can just keep in touch with knowing you are always held in the arms of love, that there is a reason for it that can’t be seen at that time, that in the end you will be a beautiful mosaic put back together with a stronger bonding agent than before…but with greater understanding and compassion for those tha cannot bear the pain and jump off buildings with babes in arms or kill their children rather than lose them…suddenly it all makes sense why that happens and the judgement falls away…

    • You are so right. You have to experience that level of brokenness for you to totally understand… and the only ones who experience it are the innocent ones. The ones who have already left the relationship emotionally are already prepared and hardened to the pain that their ex will feel. But it is as we survive these traumas and thrive in overcoming them, that we can reach out to help others who are going through the same pain. Thanks for your support and many blessings to you, my friend!

      • You are SO welcome!!! I focus on LOVE and TRUTH and BEAUTY. My “deep” words are not coming, so I am just now (for the time being) focusing on my flowers. I should be able to get more up today! Love, Amy

      • That is the whole idea, Sweetie. When one has eyes to SEE, and a Heart that is open to FEEL, my photos will be the Messengers. Thank you SO much! Hopefully tomorrow I will be back to norm to have comments open. Saving Rusty’s leg took so much out of me. Yet, we did it. I will be writing a short post soon telling all that TODAY Rusty turned the corner. He slept all day as Mom crashed. I really look forward in getting to know you. (((HUGS))) Amy

      • Wow… His Presence was so strong in your message as I read “eyes to SEE and a Heart that is open to FEEL”. He is with you my sister with each photo that you take. You and your pictures are His Messengers… I am also looking forward to getting to know you. God bless you, Amy… and Rusty!

      • *tears* Sweetheart, I have had people come against me because I will not put a lable on myself according to “religion”. I know His Presence flows through me, for He is my Guide to all I do. And because I have lived my life in Love, according to the Higher Truths, His Presence does radiate out to those who truly recognize The One. Your words touched me SO deeply and have given me renewed faith, that what I am doing here at Petals, is really being “heard” and “seen”. Thank YOU for encouraging me, and confirming what my Holy Intention is here at Petals …. to have a Sacred Ground where Truth can be found, where Love lives, and where Beauty speaks of the One without me saying one word. God BLESS YOU!!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

      • The One, The Creator of all Heaven and Earth, Our Heavenly Father, our Lord God, our Most Holy Yahveh… or whatever Name we chose to address Him Who sits on the Throne, watching over us… He knows each heart and what lies deep in each heart. We are never to judge. He is the Judge. It is never about a “religion”… It’s all about Him! He wants a “relationship” with each of us. It’s a daily walk, trusting Him every step. Only He knows where your heart is and only His opinion matters. May He pour His blessings upon you!!!

      • You are so absolutely correct. It is man who insists on the labels. How is it possible to put a label on something that is just so infinitely huge beyond all of our understanding? It is not. When Jesus walked this Earth, he did not put a label on Himself stating while I am such a such a religion. No. That wasn’t His Message and neither is it mine. Jesus like me, knows how to have a relationship with God, and THAT is what matters. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart for understanding. I’ve been outside of the “box” for a long time. Just like Jesus. (smile) Love and (((HUGS))) Amy

      • We can not put God in a Box! It is when we develop that personal relationship with Him that He will lead us to do things “out of the norm”. It’s a “Walk in Faith” as we follow Him wherever He leads us… no matter how “crazy” others may think that we are. He has a different calling on each of us to reach different people. He knows where our hearts are and He is raising a “hidden” army to “reach the unreachable”.

      • You have NO idea how much I would LOVE to reach through this computer to hug you, and I mean hug you. YES! He is raising right now a “hidden” army and boy let me tell you, He is calling the ones who are different, who dare to walk to the Beat of Love, those who this world wouldn’t look at twice. The FIRE in my Heart, my PASSION for what I do, goes beyond anything I have ever experienced. Do I understand it? No. Am I following my Heart’s Direction. Yes. I am just as clueless as the next person where this is all leading, BUT I do know I have been called, and I am being “obedient” to that call in the form that brings to the forefront, my Talents through which He works. This conversation is the BEST conversation I have had in a very long time. I have YOU to thank for this! My DREAM is to see the New World emerge, the one that is truly founded in Love and Peace. I do know I shall work every day to my last breath to see that very thing happen. Wow!! You are really special!!! Thank you for coming into my Life!!! (((HUGS))) and SO Much LOVE, Amy

      • Awe… Your comments melted my heart…however, you don’t have to thank me… just thank Him. God is making “Divine Connections”. I totally understand what you are saying as I walk in obedience, no matter how crazy some may think I am. I have felt that Fire and that intense feeling that He is building an Army for a mighty move of His Spirit to reach those broken by abuses of this world. . God has lead me to write a book, write a song, and start a ministry to reach out to victims of abuse with a vision to have safe houses around the world. Impossible in my situation but believing that I serve a God of miracles, where nothing is impossible. I didn’t even think that I had any talents… but, it’s all about Him as we submit our will to Him to use us as He pleases. My friend, we are both part of His Hidden Army. We have no idea how many people that God touches through us, but we just continue to follow as He leads and He will do it all. Much Love and many ((hugs)) back to you. God bless you!!!

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