A Father’s Day Message


For Father’s Day, I wanted to share this simple message. Fathers, prayerfully lead your family while you follow the Lord. I remember an old staying that I heard after my divorce… “a family that prays together, stays together.”  You see, many families fall apart as they struggle with things in this world. But when we hold onto God, our priorities change and our lives are transformed. Trust Him with your life and your family. Just watch what He will do!

On this Father’s Day…
I want to share this picture today.
For it’s deep meaning…
is more than mere words can say.

For you are all called…
to lead your family each day.
But God’s plan is to include Him…
praying for His guidance along the way.

He will lead you with your family…
as you walk with Him in prayer.
Trusting Him with your future…
and not rushing to beat Him there.

For His timing is not ours…
and His path may not be our plan.
But as we walk with God as a family…
His blessings you will understand.

For you will see His Favor…
that He will pour upon you.
As He carries your burdens…
  with protection and provision too.

For He blesses the righteous…
who follow Him each day.
And what better inheritance…
can you leave your children today.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2014.

15 thoughts on “A Father’s Day Message

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  2. When the fathers who loved us through the worst of times, the fathers we loved through the worst of times, are no more, Christ is there. When our families are broken beyond any hope of repair, Christ is there. When we hunger for love that seems out of reach, Christ is there. When we feel lost, Christ is there. We can always turn to Him.

    • Amen… Yes and His Presence will give us the Peace that we need in any situation… No fear. No condemnation. Just His Presence with overwhelming Peace and Love. Praise God! Thanks for your support Anna. God bless you!!

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  4. Many times, I’m left speechless and in awe of how you write Angel! You derive your inspiration from the Lord, yes. But how you can put things all together into a heartfelt and helpful message every day is beautiful…

    This one is very true and is so well expressed here. people who are looking to the world for answers will eventually wind up right back in the middle of confusion and trouble. This world’s answers are temporary and weak, just as the physical and emotional world itself is.

    For long-term answers we need to seek out the One who lives forever. The answers He provides are timeless truths and are meant to build a life around. The Father first, then the family structure as He planned it is meant to sustain and nurture people. We need to learn that fact!

    A great post and solid advice because it comes from God!

    Steve Pejay

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