“Daddy Wounds”

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“Daddy Wounds”…
is a term I’ve come to hear.
It’s wounds of abuse and neglect…
by a person who should be dear.
Many people have them…
as fathers neglect their child.
With various degrees of brokenness…
from severe to seemingly mild.
And many fathers abuse…
from verbal to physical too.
And other even sexual…
the wrongness of this they knew.
So many “daddy wounds”…
from fathers who were never there.
Giving children the impression…
that their fathers didn’t care.
Whatever the reason…
the importance of a dad is a must.
A good dad is always there…
and a person the child can trust.
So as Father’s Day arrives…
this message is very clear.
Be the “Dad” God called you to be…
and no more “daddy wounds” this year.

ยฉ Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2014.

I heard this song today and needed to share. No matter how good an earthly father is, there is still One that we need. I pray that hearts will turn to Him and realize that He will never leave us or forsake us….


28 thoughts on ““Daddy Wounds”

    • Yes, you are so right. Forgiving is not easy but God will help us and heal us. We are all still a work in progress at many different levels. God bless you, my sister!

  1. I really hate my dad :/ The funny thing is that I live with him and not my mom. (it seems the pic thingy we talked about fixed itself after creating a random acc)

    • I understand. Many fathers and mothers have failed their children. My children love their dad but hate how he acts and treats them. Too many do not even realize that they are abusive to their children because it was the way that they were treated. I will be praying for you, Sam!

      • The problem with my dad isn’t that he’s abusive, he’s very quick to judge everyone negatively, complain that I’m lazy. The problem is that he doesn’t understand some things. He doesn’t want to neither. He’s not trying to be a dad, he’s just there as a negative person in my life.

      • Sam, I totally understand what you are saying. What you are describing is abuse… verbal and emotional abuse. It does not have to be physical to hurt you. The negativity and stating that you are “lazy” are all things that are done and said in verbal/ emotional abuse. They tear you down and make you feel like you have beat up. I know. I have the scars on my heart and soul to prove it. Words sometimes hurt more than the physical…

      • He’s not making me feel sad but he makes me angry. I got this constant urge to punch him in the face every time I see him.

      • I understand again. We have had to deal with anger in some of my children because of how their dad treated them. He was always angry. It becomes an accepted response as the cycle continues. Anger breeds anger. Abuse breeds abuse. I responded in fear to his anger, always trying to please him without any success. This abuse and anger causes many wounds to it’s victims.

  2. This is beautiful, Angel. It “hits home” for me in ways which you already know about, and won’t be discussed here. The love of a father is so important in the human family structure. The leadership of a Godly father is a command of God because He already knows how important it is to the building up of family in the faith of the Lord.

    And, the love of our Father in heaven is perfect, sustainable, and unconditional. His examples are to be followed and praised in all things, but especially where family matters are concerned!

    Steve ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yes, it is a command of God but so many fail to walk the path that God desires. And even when the family is lead in a Godly way, our children have a choice in how they walk with the Lord. All we can do is pray…

      • God has plans for everything that is happening in this world. We have to trust that because we can’t understand all of the bad things which seem to go on around us.

        As for the kids, they will live out their lives fighting against the desires and temptations of sin. The sooner they learn to “go to God in prayer,” and to trust that He is in control, the better off they will be!

        We do the best we can to set the right examples for them and for all people around us…


      • Amen… You are so right. we have to trust Him with all… good and bad. It’s not easy to do but we have to surrender and totally trust Him.

      • We are often hesitant to give ourselves over in trust to others. It is a “human trait” to lean more on our own abilities for many things.

        Yet if we have faith in our Father, the next logical step is to surrender to Him all that we have, emotionally and physically. That’s how we get more knowledge and support from Him!

        It takes more “work” to reach that point for some than for others…

        Enjoy your day in His love and mercy, Angel!


      • We go through that cycle…

        “most of me, a bit of You…”
        “some of me, some of You…”

        and finally,

        “none of me, all of You…”

        There’s a song in worship services we sing with those words…


      • We are all “works in progress,” my dear! We won’t be complete in this lifetime.

        I tried to explain that to a reader who seemed to think that if she was filled enough with the Holy Spirit, she’d be able to stop sinning as a human being.

        That’s just not possible as we all have sin in our lives. Only when in heaven will we be perfect and sinless.

        Talk to you later on…


      • Keeping ourselves as sincerely devoted to the word and will of the Lord is all He asks of us. In turn, it is the least we should be asking of ourselves!


  3. Another good reminder for all dads. For even the little statement of “not now” over and over again without getting back to them affects our children.

    My daughter once thought I didn’t care because I did keep saying not now for like an hour because I was consoling a friend who recently lost a loved one. She understood when I explained it to her but that initial response and sadness on her face I will always remember.

    • You are so right. Children have their own perceptions of what is going on and feel rejection every easily. When these feelings of rejection go unexplained, they just build up into deep wounds in these vulnerable children. Your child is blessed to have a parent that will lovingly sense these feelings and bring correction so that these wounds of rejection can be avoided. Many blessings to you and your family!

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