We All Make Mistakes

We all make mistakes…
this we very well know.
But with each mistake…
is not the way we have to go.
For we can change our path…
with each decision we make.
We can then move forward…
with each step we take.
For so many get wounded…
by wrong decisions every day.
But we don’t have to continue…
to walk the brokenness way.
We can turn from our mistakes…
putting our past behind.
Then move forward…
to see what future you find.

© Secret Angel and The Abuse Expose’ with Secret Angel, 2014.


20 thoughts on “We All Make Mistakes

    • Yes, Sam… It will look the same at first. But as we keep making right choices step by step and asking God to help us on our path, you will see a a Light coming through the darkness one day. I am praying for you.

  1. This Remind me of LOT Wife…She Turn to look back…I don’t why she did it exactly.
    If she did think it wasn’t that bad..a roof on the head as the desert cold night was what to be ahead. Something else. Anyway as we all know, turning the head back was enough of a deal to be change in salt statue…
    Did she care of that town or the living in that town…I don’t think so, the only thing I can think are the “Dead”. People did take of their dead and going away make it that this ritual be broken and that for a last time, looking toward the dead for a last good bye…
    God wanted to destroy those town of abomination and everything in it or from it.
    He did give a freepass, but a freepass that included a flee from those town of abomination and everything in it or from it. I guess no one is to be judge of Lot’s wife, God Command and you follow
    (A bit like in the military, you will see about inner conflicts an other time. Now it’s a move on, and A Move On It Is..) Obey Survey

    • You are so right. Obeying God is a Key. He said not to look back and she did. How many of us would do the same for a split second. We have to obey God… no matter what He says.

  2. I always love what you write, Angel. But the very first verse here is even greater than usual! To say “We all make mistakes, this we very well know, but with each mistake, is not the way we have to go.”

    We all have the power to decide to try to make things better in our lives. We can start by making better choices, and then adding Christ to the top of our lives. He loves us and helps us if we truly seek after Him.

    Very good post as always, Angel! God bless the words you speak and the people you help!

    Steve 🙂

      • You can count on it, Angel! Enjoy your day in His love, He rescued you to do this work in His name!

        He knows how much you have suffered, He now watches over you with love…


      • You know you’re welcome for any encouragement I can give you!

        Got your email, sent a reply. Have a super day and we’ll talk later on. Gotta get over to your site and see what you’ve written for today!


      • I’ll bet you could use a bit more laughter and smiles to share each day! I know I could…

        We take things so seriously and we should when it comes to the things we do for the Father. But He wants us to enjoy life too…at least that’s what I believe.

        So, know any good jokes? (lol)…

        Help a person in need today!


      • Wow, I started reading your book today! It is very interesting! It is also kind of sad…

        I’ll not make comments here, but you have come such a long way from those years of your youth!

        I’ll be reading more soon…

        (I’ll work on some funny stuff a bit…)


      • Angel, He has delivered many people from many things, myself included! He has also let some storms “continue to brew”…

        I don’t profess to know the thoughts of God. I know at times, He is still frustrated with me. I just wish I could see His intentions for me more quickly and clearly!


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